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That low key at all. Wasn't trying to slander anyone. The opinions, Connor not those underdog sports network. They should just be an automated automated qualifier at this stage soundboard going. A couple of perches to the quality of the show. I will get the soundboard going and heavy prerecorded. Good. Thing is really interesting though because I think the national media doesn't get how good he is. I was. I thought it was crazy to see this stat that in the history of the NFL he has the third most ten plus catch games of any tight end in the history of the NFL already a while. That's crazy, man. Yeah. It's like those are the guys that you wanna you should be getting notoriety, but they will if they keep winning or a get back to the winning ways they at last year a little bit of winning last year a little bit about it already, but the bell move it just it just takes them to another level. I feel like if you can say you have Carson Wentz, Leon bell, alshon Jeffery, and Zakar that's as good a quartet as you're gonna find in the NFL. So. All right. So what's your, what's I hang up? If anything, you know, like clearly the eagles can use obviously wouldn't be able to get up in time for Thursday, but what's like. What would be keeping them from doing this? If it feels like all the smoke is around that, I think they're actively pursuing it. I really do. And and the injury is sort of pushed that even further, I like Corey Clement, I think reclaim is a great number two running back. He is a guy who is good stuff. He's not graded anything. Good runner. Good, good out of the backfield that came out of nowhere. Good in terms of pass blocking. But no, I did Corcoran was that kind of know that Wisconsin, Wisconsin. He was straight up, you know, like we're saying with giant McCoy, just pounded through the Packers and go from there. But he, he really did to the credit of deep and the, you know that offense obviously Reich and and Peterson. But you know, he that that was that was hidden strikes for sure. So I agree with you. I think he's a good backup slash kinda third-down guy. Yeah. So I would love to have belvin Clement and then whoever else wants to be on that team. I don't really care. I don't feel strongly about Josh Adams and for all the love of sports, fine. But I mean, he's, he's, he's a fine third running back because again, he's not unlike Clement, he's good at some stuff, but not good at everything because he is in that camp of just terrible in blitz pickup. And you know, as much as I love Darren sproles, he just can't stay healthy at this point. It's it's sad. I hope that he can get himself healthy to finish the season so that he can retire not injured, but this very, very clearly the last season for Darren sproles in the NFL no questions the poor little fellow, and he's our best run blocker best pass blocker positions. It's bizarre. Another running back who had some esteem early in his career came back this week, Jamaal Charles signing with the Jaguars. Awesome. I.

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