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There you scenarios. Sarnoff and the favorites for reason the Colorado rock at Houston, Astros on the mound for the Rockies. Oh, man. Jermaine more craze Germany. Her mind Morton outer might limp in Marquette care. I know. You see me around. Feel like feel like this is getting Puerto Lund racist. Let's move away from that quickly. He's taking on just invert Lander. The Rockies plus one sixty five and the Astros mice one eight, five with her Lander on the mound. Boy to he has ever house graves back. Yeah. I mean, especially early on the mound at anything less than two hundred. I like the Astros Rockies kind of. Kinda surprisingly game right now, but Marquez against Burland IRS lopsided. So I like, oh Houston. There. Yes, lopsided, but that minus one eighty five from sky because tempting it's tempted up on that and baseball don't you Khanna it's true. It's very funny Puertas. Yes. Left riot watching any contune tonight and you'll find out for yourself. Yeah, the loss, the Los Angeles angels at Sandia go Padres the battle of southern California, Jamie beret on the mound for the angels and Brett Kennedy on the mound for the Padres sky book has the angels, even and Sky Bow kes- the Padres minus one twenty. And I'll go the other way. Finally, even the angels, Mike trout, I like Jimmy Berea lot. I think that he is, he's pitched really well here down the stretch. You know, they even needed it with their losses in their probation. And you know, angel still have a decent lineup. Cocoa Hoon's really come on since he's been hurt since coming on the deal. I just I like the angels for sure. And even over the dress. So trust off the deal right now, but he's a waiver personal reasons right. Is he thought I thought he was still on the deal, and he was coming back for this weekend. Texas, but we've okay, maybe maybe. That's right. I trust you there, but other way he's he's not. He's away for reasons other than injury right now, but it right set to return very soon. And that guy's pretty good. I feel like he's gonna make a fairly large difference in their line-up when he returns. That's expert opinion. That is a hot take. If I've ever heard on Chris that the best player we're gonna make a major difference. I feel about Bryce Harper post trade deadline, because you said you thought he was thinking on out a little bit. Awesome. I feel very good about my statement about Bryce Harper. He's been amazing since then, isn't he. He's been very, very good. I was just giving you an opportunity to revel in your rightness. Yeah. No, I think he's been good. The NATs. They really that gave against the coast such dagger, you know, the three. Oh, we'd and above in the bottom of the night. And if a backup, third baseman for the company grand slam ruining your masters part. But still they're still over five hundred or so in a division that they can win. They're definitely quite a bit back. But when you have Harper, when you've got, you know, Daniel Murphy and Zimmerman, and all those guys bring on Soto with, you know, and those starters shares are in once Jospeh comes back and just they just got string like three wins in a row together, all aches. But you know right now it's just been hard to get even one. All right. Well, another preseason we finish l. football coming up on us, hard Knox coming up on his can't wait to come back next week and talk about it until then this has been episode. Number eighty five, the underdog podcast, Chris horde l. he's on Chicano. Thanks for listening. Please please. Please continue being so great to us on itunes and all of that good stuff. You're wonderful people and we appreciate each and every one of you continue to visit sky book sportsbook sky book dot AG, and coal in early in the morning, and maybe you thought Mr. moneybags who knows on Khanna Mr. moneybags all of all over that floor. Get all kinds of extra opportunities in fun bonuses. Thank you for listening. We'll see a back your next week..

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