Matthew Berry's top waiver wire adds headlined by Dak Prescott, Josh Adams and Anthony Miller


Is perhaps the lease refined thrower they'll face during their schedule this year. Put such a bad defense. That's a brutal defense. And honestly the falcons again this game is in Atlanta. So we expect the falcons spill to put up some points on Dallas. So I think this could be there's a little bit of shootout appeal here as well. And just to your point about that Prescott. So add Atlanta this week field. But then home to Washington home to the saints home to Philadelphia three straight home games at Indian week fifteen week sixteen the championship game in many leagues home to Tampa Bay. And then if he played an ESPN Stanley which goes to week seventeen at the giant it is a really favorable schedule coming up here for Dak Prescott here each of the next six games indoors or retractable roof as well. So good good. Good conditions to your point. He started rushing more. I think the I think having Amari Cooper, just stretching the field opened things up for that. And not only does it a talented pass catcher for. But also just opens up the field. Allows more running lanes for Zeke Elliott. Helps set up play action better helps you know running lanes for for Dax. So I think he is not only a very viable streamer this week. But I think is a viable top twelve guy the rest of the year. I mentioned this point yesterday on the show that after next week by week no longer thing.

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