Amazon announces HQ2 in a split decision (The 3:59, Ep. 489)

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Welcome to the three fifty nine. I'm alfred. I'm Ben talks Rueben. If you haven't heard Amazon announced today that they are bringing HQ to to Long Island city in Queens, New York and crystal city, Arlington Virginia are Amazon. Reporter Ben FOX who've been has all the details on it. This is so shocking. I can't believe it. I think I okay. First of all the news at already been leaked a lot last week for multiple sources, the other issue that I'm sure a lot of people will want to quibble about is they're calling it three different North America headquarters. Oh, yes. Like, what is the headquarters? Any third one would be Nashville, Tennessee. No, so Washington like. Washington. Like, obviously Seattle the first one. There's also Nashville Tennessee is going to get five thousand people the other to the ones that were announced today are gonna get twenty five thousand employees each but Seattle is still the biggest with forty five thousand Amazon state. What was so appealing about Long Island city or crystal city, and there I'm sure they did I I was just like planting through their statements where they said a bunch of like positive stuff about this. The these locations it's pretty obvious why they wanted to go to both of these places. These two major centers of power in the east coast, the the DC area, obviously, Amazon has been trying to push a lot more into getting more government contracts. More defense contracts in New York. There's obviously a lot going on with media and entertainment in New York and Amazon being in Seattle as their primary headquarters as oppose to being in the valley means that they are you know, a flight away from that center of power. So. Plunking down twenty five thousand high paying employees in those two major areas. It's going to be pretty significant for the company with our ni financial incentives into this. Yes, very much. So I know that Andrew Cuomo governor Cuomo at one point seven changes name to Amazon Cuomo aches. Okay. First of all like don't expect politicians to act any differently than they normally would. Because if you're expecting them to not shell themselves for twenty five thousand jobs or fifty thousand jobs, which was the initial offer. Then, you know, you're being ridiculous. They would I'm sure Nashville is even very very excited about five thousand jobs. The the problem is in the joke of it is is that this was supposed to be an equal like a co equal to Seattle. And instead it's being separated by multiple states. So let calling two different headquarters twenty five thousand each it's different than what was initially promised. And so a lot of people, and it's also exactly where a lot of people would have expected them to locate. Anyway, so so what were the financial incentives are up a little bit? So New York is offering one point five billion dollars in incentives Virginia's offering five hundred seventy five million dollars incentives. Nashville got away easy with only one hundred million in. Puntive, and that's four creating high paying jobs. I think in the paperwork or the in the terms for an Amazon New York, it was a forty eight thousand dollars for every job that they bring that pays more than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars right temporarily. Obviously, you know, at some point they are not going to get that and sons, and there was another part that mentioned, you know, in lieu of paying taxes, it would be developing infrastructure within Long Island city in queens. Not sure if I'm big fan of that deal. I don't know how many schools Amazon is making or how much it's helping with the subway or police in New York, but I feel like that is something that, you know community. Organizers have always been annoyed about in terms of steel. I know in Newark, they had basically given them the largest possible tax break had they gone with newer, actually, Maryland gave them the biggest with point five billion work offered the second highest publicly known one with seven billion the. Yeah. Like, there's there are a lot of questions that people. Always ask as far as like, this is one of the wealthiest companies in the world. It's one of the biggest companies in the world. Why are we giving them? I wish I could get paid one point five billion dollars to move to New York to do exactly what you were planning on doing in the first place. So you know, that's all the time. We have for today show if you liked what you heard check us out on CNN. I'm out for dang. I'm Ben FOX riven extra listening.

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