Four Jacksonville Jaguars players detained in London


Six seventeen second ranked Clemson handed Florida state its worst home loss in school history. Fifty nine to ten Notre Dame doubled up navy forty four twenty two Oklahoma state edge number six Texas in Stillwater, thirty eight thirty five Oklahoma fifty one Kansas state, fourteen Kentucky scores on the final. Play the edge, Missouri. Fifteen fourteen Washington state Cup. I Stanford forty-one thirty eight yet caliber fifteen rank Washington twelve ten Mississippi State picks off number sixteen Texas am twenty eight thirteen Penn State outlasted I will Happy Valley thirty to twenty four northwestern race, Wisconsin thirty one seventeen. Syracuse beat NC state fifty one forty-one NBA scores of note, the Spurs dump the Lakers one ten one zero six in defeat. Lebron James passing Dirk Nowitzki for sixth on the all time scoring list. The boxer six and one thousand nine one over the magic Cavaliers Owen. Six falling to the Pacers one nineteen to one seven pistons and pelicans suffer their first losses. Celtics beat Detroit jazz over New Orleans. I'm Chris lopresti. Hi, I'm Boomer Esiason of CBS sports. Listen to CBS sports radio online at CBS

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