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We'll tell you about that in a moment. But in the mid side, it was Minnesota Duluth going to Notre Dame and taking on number one fighting Irish and the BULLDOGS came away with two victories. Three two two last night. Three to one tonight tonight the BULLDOGS got goals from Kobe Ross. Noah Cates and Jackson Cates. They each pick up their third goals of the season. So it's a sweep for Minnesota Duluth a team that now has an overall record of six one and one and the one loss and one tie or at the heads of the golden gophers have Minnesota Ohio State donate to to tied at eight with bowling green. That was after the buckeyes got shellacked last night by a score of eight to two Michigan swept Saint Lawrence in a non conference series three to nothing last night. Three to one tonight was -sconsin with a split over Michigan tech. They pick up a six two two victory in Madison tonight after a six to two loss last night. And Michigan state went out east and took on number eight Cornell this weekend and beat them twice Spartans were four to three winners tonight in the NCAA hce, or at least one of the NCAA teams that would be Saint Cloud state. They really Boston College on Thursday seven to nothing, but they lose at northeastern tonight. The number two huskies. Were defeated by the number eighteen huskies does that make sense to you does. Yeah. Okay. So it was northeastern three and Saint Cloud state to Jack, Sean and Blake lozad had the to Saint Cloud state goals and that one. In the watch. What's coming up at the end of the season sweepstakes, Arizona state with a seminar to win over Omaha. They beat the Mavericks twice this weekend. Warzone a state will be at Mariucci arena for the last regular season weekend of the year. Why why did you say oh? Impressive for the sweep, and they did it handily six son medals three seven two two. That's pretty darn good. Minnesota teams. Minnesota state next week's opponent for the golden gophers swept Alaska in Mankato four to nothing last night. Three to one tonight. The Mavericks are now five one zero and bemidji states split their home and home series with northern Michigan. The beavers one tonight by a score of two to one the golden gopher women. Got a power play goal from Emily Brown or second gold of the year. And they shut out Wisconsin. That's the other number one. Versus number three. We were talking about the badgers ranked number one the golden gophers number three. Gophers win that one. They are now seven one and one overall five one and one of the WCHS Alex Goldstein had a twenty-seven save effort. She picked up her fourth career shutout at her second shutout of the year, and it ended Wisconsin streak of how many games thirty five straight UNB. Beaten at home. That's a good street like that. Yeah. That's it. All right. So next week. It's a home at home with Minnesota state is Frank just said Friday night, we'll be on home ice at three. Marina at Mariucci. You can catch all the action of both of those games on the weekend right here at your home or the gophers Saturday night. We'll be Inman Mankato. These two teams did not play last year. But in the sixteen seventeen season Minnesota lost four one at mankato's. But one one nothing at home and lost three two. And the last of the northstar cups. So Minnesota state has won for the last six meetings between these two schools. We'll see if the gophers can reverse that trend this coming weekend. So join us for those games across the gopher radio network. And we're looking forward to the fact that Minnesota gophers will get into a regular rotation now of two game weekends. I wanna thank Zack austat for all his help over the course of this weekend here, especially for his efforts in helping us with. Highlights and everything else and Zach Merrin who pulled our audio together before our pregame show, doing his usual. Great work. And also, thanks Eric for showing up. That was great to see Eric again. All right. That's it from the Orleans arena for us. We'll see you next weekend. That the Mariucci arena for the gophers versus Minnesota state on behalf of my broadcast partner. Frank masako. This is Wally shaver bidding very pleasant. Good evening. It's SUV season. At your local Northland.

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