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Did you seem you saw the movie moneyball? Yes. I did do you remember when coach just kept wanting to play the first base? I think it was geom- be it was. Yeah. So so Billy Beane traded him away because Billy bean knew he wanted he wanted. Chris Pratt plan first base. Yup. And I wonder if I wonder if the the move here in Philadelphia, unfortunately, Brett Brown has so much power and Philadelphia is to get TJ McConnell off this team at this point. Because he just over relies on him and to the detriment of Marquel foles, and it's interesting too. Because everything we've heard is, okay. We're gonna start Marquel? We're gonna let him go through go through the growing pains. Just like Donovan Mitchell did just like Jason Tatum. Did last year. We're going to let them place through stuff get his confidence. And when it matters. He's going to be ready. But that's not what happens Foltz plays in the first half. He you know, he gets his whatever eleven minutes twelve minutes in the first half. And then he's on the bench to start the second half. He's on the bench to end the game. What are we getting from this? He's not growing. He's not getting time in the game the game that I guess Milwaukee. Ironically that Ben Simmons miss I'm sorry. I was against the Troy that Ben Simmons missed the front half of that double header. Foltz actually played less than he did with Simmons the game before he played twenty one minutes to TJ McConnell's thirty two minutes. Yeah. It's it's crazy. I mean, I think you know, I in his best game too and it easily as best game. Yeah. You know? I the thing with Brett Brown that I think is going to be a problem is just the fact that he's so clearly involved in a player personnel and coaching side. And that's just it's such a conflict of interest. When you're a guy like Brett Brown who is not, you know, he's not like a super well-established coach. He's outta veteran. Coach he hasn't had to make super tough calls. Like, you know, there are others that have had to do that stuff. And even if they even if you are like a great coach, it's still hard to do both things. And so yeah, he's beholden to the players. He's beholden to the veterans generally speaking and at the same time, you're you're trying to bite. The hint that feeds you in some ways. And so it's just it's such a complicated situation to have to. Decide who gets caught who does and who gets playing time who doesn't and then know that down the line these all informal roster decisions, and that you are the one that has to make those decisions not GM. So like, what is already a pretty tricky. A tricky situation of manage is being an NBA coach nowadays to throw in entire huge weight of being the GM or making personnel calls or informing Elton brand of those. You know, it's it's just informing your general manager what you would like him to do being talked about being a figurehead. Yeah. I mean, so that's why I say like the tough decision. I mean, you would have to basically gut your entire player personnel decision making process. I mean, it's possible they do that. But that would I think it would have to take a pretty disastrous season to get there. No agreed and it won't get to that point God willing. But the thing that it's just it just frustrates me. Because i'm. Have watched fulls play five games now. Plus the preseason. I'm no longer worried about his jump shot. You know, the jump shot is going it's going to be very inconsistent this year. But it's workable he'll put in the he'll put in the same work next summer because that's just who Foltz is. And the jump shot will be good going into next year. I'm not worried about the jump shot. I am worried about his confidence. And I'm worried about him not having confidence because the team doesn't seem to have confidence in him..

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