Listen To The Play By Play Of Harry Kane's Dramatic Comeback During The England Vs. Croatia Game



What a Sunday and UEFA nations league, so many great matches. But we gotta start at Wembley England and Croatia winner-takes-all England wins. They win the group. Croatia wins. They win the group draw. Spain wins the group everybody got that. Yeah. Yeah. That second minute trouble here for Jordan Pickford onto ravage though. Take advantage pick for something. He can pick it up since the ball is coming from bell. But ravage doesn't take advantage of the opportunity eleventh minute nights past year. Harry Kane Raheem sterling Hellenic the big stops. What we see from him stealing a lot. These days taken up a much more central position using these pace to get behind finishing in the final Ha's improved. And it just. In the ensuing corner. Kick Harry Kane point blank reign. Why it open, and I mean, why open Harry Kane nut good. Extinct minute. Beat sterling to the ball. Harry Kane no goalie per staffer denied then is another big stop ripple from Dell on these reconfirmed, stealing noses pasted by six or seven goalkeeper takes head can publish. It are taking the touch the FOX them. The jazz was growing nil at the half fifty second minute. Marcus rash. Furred sterling another stop from the Croatian. The only sterling has got to take it for time. He doesn't know pretended to goes away if seventh minute and many Croatia highlights, here's one. Andrei Kamara dancing around can't find a window. He found one little help. But he found one say once normal you take that many touches invokes going wait from goal you really get the finished. But monitoring what the space. We'll join stones on on his backside and just opened up from though Croatia winning the group at this point in the match in England relegated. Seventy eight minute long. Throw ingesting lindgaard. The tap in one hundred percent, my kinda rains hurricane gets a ton rolling across the line. Yes. I love those happing city the layup. Eight banal still England is going down with this result. Spain winning the group eighty second minute nita's header saved up the line lingered. Megan big stops. These there. Nothing because Jordan picked was hunt. This well, eighty fifth minute Benca. Well, the free kick, and Harry Kane as a redemption story wide in the second half. But you cannot give him time space if you had to pick up some guy in the box it would be hurricane. He's wide open. Nice finish Southgate's excited to one England. So at one point in this match price will winning the group and then later Spain we're winning the room yet. It's England that ends up winning the group. They are food to the nation's league finals next June those to be held in Portugal. Croatia. Relegated to be the World Cup finalists.

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