OSU Marching Band heads to NYC for 1st Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade performance


Plan alternative routes and keep an eye on the weather. It can be prevented by leaving earlier by having a plan and knowing what the road conditions are some areas like in New York are expecting snow the president pardoned day thanksgiving Turkey this afternoon. Thanks, giving is a time of great American traditions. And today, we continue a very special one when a lucky Turkey gets a presidential pardon upholding that long-standing tradition at the White House. Trump officially pardoned a plump Turkey named a piece as well as his counterpart carrots. They will be retired at the gablers arrest exhibit at Virginia Tech now. And the president stated today that the Democrats will issue peas and carrots subpoenas soon when they take control of the house in January for your ABC six first warning. Weather powered by the basement, doctor cloudy, damp and cold today. We'll see highs around thirty eight patchy frost tonight, lows dipped down to twenty-seven cold, but dry for your travel day on Wednesday with highs of thirty six. It'll be cold on thanksgiving with afternoon. Highs hovering around thirty five. I'm Alison Wyant. Stay connected to Columbus in central Ohio on the hour, thirty minutes past and as news breaks. The Rush Limbaugh show continues next are you dreaming of something

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