On Warriors ride and Raiders road


You're listening to the spoken edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. On warriors, ride and raiders road. All the news that fits the bottom of the birdcage by Scott, Osler what the warriors must do. Now is twisted the narrative, so. What the warriors must do. Now is twisted the narrative, so the so called turmoil and discord is all in the minds of critics in haters and the attackers only strengthened the warriors team bond. Draymond green is the perfect man to lead this counterattack. This has been bothering me and admittedly. I'm not strong on payroll economics. The raiders have three first round draft picks. First rounders, get hefty contracts won't signing three first rounders forced the raiders to scrimp on the rest of their roster. The Mavericks are a lottery team, but I fear any team that has shooting coach who can raise the Andre Jordan's free-throw percentage from fifty eight last season two eighty two. Now that weird update in my column speculating that DeMarcus cousins might be a better fit for the warriors. And Kevin Durant. If it's one or the other I should have noted that even if Durant leaves it's doubtful. The warriors could resign cousins. He would have to accept a. Token, raise to six point four million dollars at least ten million under his projected market value. But the fun talking point remains the thirties must alert the ravens that a quarterback who runs will not work in today's NFL rookie quarterback. Lamar Jackson ran twenty seven times for one hundred seventeen yards Sunday in the ravens win Jackson. Didn't take a knee during the anthem. So he likely will remain employed. Hey, raiders, if the Coliseum doesn't work out for you next season. Why not take your show on the road? It would toughen you up Vegas has already made you two soft go global Mexico City London Beijing Moscow. Your theme song could be Pancho and lefty live and on the road. My friend was going to make you free and clean. Now. You wear your skin like iron your breaths as hard as kerosene.

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