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One zero three one WG y and we begin the day with an accident through way eastbound between exits twenty five and twenty four we have the right and center lanes blocked. So watch out for that top story kind of a replay of the storm. We had last week not the worst we've ever seen and it should and later this morning WG y AccuWeather meteorologist Bob Larsen says the more. Commute could be a little tricky in places steady sto falls likely be falling for the early morning hours on Tuesday and still below freezing. At that point. So we do anticipate a slow and slippery Tuesday morning commute here on the immediate capital region. We can expect an inch or two maybe a little bit more on the Catskills and western New England. I personal injury lawsuit has been filed in connection with those Gary lintel crash on October seventh and killed twenty people. Parents of Amanda arrive in Berga filed suit against Shahed Hussain, the owner of prestige limousine and his son Norman currently charged with criminally-negligent homicide Turney, Sal for Lonzo tells news channel thirteen as clients plan. The New York state as well says there are two issues at work with that the first he says is the two thousand one Ford excursion limo failing to inspections this year. And there's a serious question as to whether there's vehicle should have been allowed on the road. And it could have been confiscated when there was multiple errors and should have been confiscated. So that's issue. Number one issue. Number two is. With the design and maintenance of this road the road that for Lonzo is talking about is the section of route thirty approaching thirty eight improvements were made by the state in two thousand eight but for Lonzo says they actually made things worse. An unpleasant surprise for the owners of a Rensselaer Ville diner this week. New owners of pops place long one Forty-five say someone riddled the diner with bullets old when it.

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