Veronica Rail, Abbott Lew And Ashford Dunwoody discussed on Von Haessler Doctrine


So the twenty four hour traffic center travel advisory headed up into acworth on seventy five northbound big brake lights begin north of Chastain road. Because this truck that went off the road under the bridge seventy five north at highway ninety two you can use highway ninety two to get around that if you get on seventy five from ninety two you'll clear the delays, and it's a little slow downtown but improving seventy five eighty five north merging on from twenty to eighty five Veronica rail, and you delay. Now Ashley is over on the outer loop twenty eighty five eastbound just before flat. Shoals injury wreck. Now taking out a left lane causing a slowdown for you in the area. Don't forget about the construction. Southie side interloop do five southbound at I twenty construction in a right lane going to slow you down just a bit and still watching some volume over on the north end on the Abbott Lew to eighty five westbound making your way over from before Ashford Dunwoody road getting to Georgia four hundred this report brought to you by Ingalls wise Ingles thanksgiving headquarters, if the savings as we pick up one honeysuckle white grade. Eight frozen Turkey, forty eight.

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