Introducing MOBIs Family of Mobots & New Software Product Features


Josh Garrett from Moby he's been on the show before and I'm at him back after reading moguls and. Ounce -ment around new software product features are actually going to enhance enterprise, mobility, enablement integration and orchestration. What strikes me about these new products? They offer on precedent at one touch control of mobility management programs to increase business, visibility control and cost savings, unless be honest, the enterprise landscape is exploding and evolving the moment, but we can thank the introduction of new devices capabilities abroad, adoption, those nontraditional mobile and points by businesses. Not my words there the words of just Garrett president and co founder of mobiles coming back on today. And he also said one new technology is dramatically improving the way we work. He's also incredibly complicated for businesses to manage profitability, especially when it comes to deploying and managing devices under its virtual roof. And for those reasons alone Moby is constantly evolving. And trying to stay one step ahead of these changes to sci-fi their customers mobile in management needs enough of me speaking, Joshua. Words there. Let's get him back on the show so book and hold on tight as I meal is all the way to Indianapolis. So we can speak with Josh Garrett from Moby. What a massive warm. Welcome back to the show. Josh we way back on episode two hundred ninety five in July twenty seventeen and I suspect that we've had a few listeners since then. So can you just tell the listeners about who you are? And what you do. Reasonable. Back. So thank you. My name's Josh Garrett. I serve as president CEO of Moby. Am also co-founder we were back in in two thousand nine in Indianapolis, Indiana here in the states. Everything from a from a connected device standpoint. After the sale happens all of the transition implementation in post sales support roles up through my organizations that you've been incredibly busy since we last spoke have been a number of announcement. So that's one of the great reasons to get you back on and have a bit of a catch up tonight. But most recently, you and apps new place to your software product, I'm connecting all mobile technologies and third party integrations with one central system can you expand on in how the enterprise landscape is exploding and evolving with introduction of all these new devices capabilities and broader adoption of nontraditional mobile and points by businesses because it's incredibly complex place to be quite daunting for businesses at the moment, isn't it? It certainly can be. Serve pivoted in terms of our messaging because the exactly what you described there in terms of it not as being mobile technologies, but we we know referred to connected devices. And and the reason for that is customers have been asking it to manage all these what we would consider a non traditional device things like wearables, laptops, printers. Rugged devices, even even things like drones, and and VR systems, and so, you know, not all necessarily mobility related terms of having a carrier, but a certainly connected to

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