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Review of the latest apple products

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1 year ago

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Let me get a little bit broader know, they released two products last week, the I've had pro the macbook air. Do you think that this MAC book air, there's a sense of it where it's like, all right? This is what you wanted. You wouldn't listen to us. So you can have it like we put retina screen and touch ID of the Medicare. Great. This is what you please stop asking us for it. Or do you feel like these product lines are on disparate pass where they're both sincere products is something any sense? Yeah. It does make sense. I think they're on disparate pants. I think that apple took a long turn on the MAC a couple years ago. I think they tried to take their pro, you know, let me back up for second in general make this quick everybody. Who knows apple knows the history knows that Steve Jobs had this you. You know, four quadrant. Little grant, he drew pro consumer one laptop reach one desktop reach in those days. And I think what they did a couple years ago was to take the pro laptop and try to make it a tweeter back. That's when I when I reviewed it. I called it a Twitter they tried to make it kind of cover both the market that had been airs market and the market that had been the pros market. And I don't think either group of of customers was happy with it. And I think they're I I can't prove this. But I think there's been a reconsideration inside. Apple I don't know what else it will lead to. But you know, who would have expected them to redo the MAC, mini and the way they did also that was widely believed to be left for dead until very recently. So something has changed in their MAC policy might do think it's on its own course separate from. The ipad. You know, we can argue about what a good policy bad policy, but I think that's been their policy. I think they screwed up the MAC half of it. And I think they've now coming back. I assume there will be an arm MAC. I soon they'll be max with more new features than this MAC book air, but I do think they're they're separate. And I by the way, you all know that I'm a huge ipad fan as well. And I have an ipad pro and I do a ton of stuff on it. Yeah. I think the apple just had its earnings. We haven't gotten to deep into them. But either MAC revenue is a fifth of the iphone revenue. It's not a small number. But any means and uncontrolled Lee, you're always told me the MAC business would be like a fortune five hundred business all by itself. I checked it just a couple of days ago. And it's like almost twenty six billion which would be a fortune five hundred company. And so it's a serious business. This was at one time at least the most popular MAC, probably not at this moment because they left it so long, you know, to me, I was like the way some people in some cultures leave children babies. They don't want on the hillside die. I know it's rough. But you know, the world is rough. The hills are full of MAC minis. Okay. But you know, they introduced to max one is the quintessential consumer MAC that they've had immense success with finally, you know, kind of brought back to life, and the other was you know, what turns out to be almost entirely. I can't imagine consumers buying this particular MAC book. Many. It's really meant to the pro you've been a server game Ashini minister ver I don't think two years ago, if we been having this conversation, we predict either those things