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Intel core processors to get business done house. Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is celebrating a remarkable political comeback as the former speaker led her caucus back into the majority of the US house of representatives eight years in the minority. It remains unclear whether she will regain the title of speaker as some Democrats with her blessing vowed on the campaign trail to oppose her to make way for a new generation of leadership. More from Wall Street Journal congressional reporter Natalie Andrews, Natalie what are you hearing? This is a real victory for her. She says redemption after losing the house after Democrats portable character, she sees as being able to come back and campaigning again on healthcare and saving the Affordable Care Act in. Ironic twist critics in her own party couple years ago. We're saying she's old and she's white. We need a leadership change. Now what she even expects a leadership change when I asked her about it on Monday. She said come on and the water's warm, so she expects to be challenged and are looking to challenge her. But we don't know who will. One of the questions. I keep asking Democrats is not Pelosi than who. And a lot of her detractors do not have name necessarily float that is willing to challenge her Democrats because they're in the majority will need two hundred and eighteen votes or the majority of people voting on the floor in order to have the house speaker ship position. And so that does add an interesting twist. She needs more than just a majority in the conference to leave. The party is house speaker. She needs to actually get the majority of people on the floor. I know there was January. There is a congressman you quoted. I think in your story he said something like with regards to challenging her. You don't fire the manager of the baseball team after a winning season or that is she taking credit for Tuesday night results. Oh, yes. She is. I mean, which some e she's also giving credit to the. Benway Luhan and the Democrats who recruited candidates and things like that. But she's leader the party if they hadn't won the majority. She would have definitely been blamed and she's taking a victory lap. With Wall Street Journal, congressional reporter Natalie Andrews piece, entitled for Nancy Pelosi, a comeback eight years in the making could it be argued that she should have done better, given the president's approval ratings. The argument could be fair. Look to be about maybe where they thought they would be if they win thirty two seats. I think they were hoping her closer to forty at one point. But they really started lowering expectations around October given intense political partisan climate, we are going to people that Republicans might go home and dealt with their party. Was it the health insurance issue? A huge part of this election. It really is interesting. But hey, like Narayana you had in Kirkpatrick who lost in two thousand ten and was tacked for her vote on the she won in Arizona last night in a Republican held seat. And she campaigned hard on her vote through the ACA in two thousand ten and Nancy Pelosi called her courageous and they held hand they held their hand over their head and. Victory lab will business Pelosi do things differently. If she is returned to the speakership the sun. Yeah. Last week. I asked her that. And she said she would enjoy it more, which I thought was interesting. She's also suggested that she will be a transitional leader when we asked her about God. She definitely said that she was not trying to lame duck herself in any way. She does not transitional leader does not mean less than a full term use it to and your story that she sought to recruit candidates that match the districts were they were running. What do you mean by that want to run incredibly liberal district in a district that Republicans held they wanted to run perhaps this interest in a district where there's a good mix of Republicans and Democrats, and the time looks is sort of a more progressive candidate for someone who is a little more down the center and could win Republican votes. Natalie Wall Street Journal congressional reporter Natalie Andrews, it's twenty minutes now in front of the hour

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