Browns fire coach Hue Jackson ahead of trade deadline


General manager with their old. Hey, coach, hue Jackson. It was destined to fail. And it did finally on Monday when the Browns released Hugh Jackson with time left on his contract this season and next season. So the Browns will be paying him through two thousand nineteen but it will give John Dorsey and Alonzo Highsmith and Elliott Wolff in the Browns for an office the chance to go hire their own head coach, they are I in the pool this year. They get the start looking for an interviewing coaching candidates right now, if they want to go talk to Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma taking go do that. If they want to go talk to any other college coach, they can go do that. They don't have to hide behind anything right now. The Browns are the first out for a coaching search. And then of course, they make the change in offense coordinator firing Todd Haley and bringing in Freddie kitchens who doesn't have extensive experience running an NFL offense. So it'll be interesting to see how kitchens calls play. Days starting Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs. And so the Cleveland Browns the first team to overhaul their coaching staff, but the real changes came Tuesday with a flurry of moves that made this one of the busiest trade deadline days in NFL history. Last year was very busy. Because at the last moment in the twenty four hours leading up to the deadline. We saw Jimmy Garoppolo traded from New England to San Francisco j Gye traded from Miami to Philadelphia Dwayne Brown from Houston to Seattle. Marcel Darius from buffalo to Jacksonville and Kelvin Benjamin going from Carolina to buffalo end the almost trade of AJ McCarron from Cincinnati to Cleveland, the got foiled when the Browns could not get the deal done in time by the four o'clock deadline by the four o'clock deadline this year. There was no such thing. Holding back a flurry of moves. We saw de. Ver- trade Pro Bowl wide receiver. Damaris Thomas and a seventh round pick to the Houston. Texans for a fourth and seventh round pick. As will the interesting part of that trade is that Thomas is first game with the Texans will come Sunday in Denver against the Broncos team. That just traded him. Thomas was the longest tenure Bronco and get the Broncos say goodbye to him because really they weren't going to keep his fourteen million dollars salary around next season in my mind. The most surprising move right before the deadline. Came win Detroit traded golden Tate to Philadelphia for a third round pick. So many teams had made so many inquiries to the lions about golden Tate. But they had resisted all overtures for him. But finally, they broke down and dealt Tate to the eagles who for the second straight year made a trade right at the deadline last year Gye this year Tate, as they look to try to keep up with the rest of the NFC east another team in the NFC making.

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