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That s tear flash briefing or ask your smart speaker to play WCBS eight eighty it's eight forty two. Time for sports. I John fast. The sixth inning now at city field Marlins and medicine scoreless. Kevin, but the story and this one is David David Wright whose career is now officially over. He did get the start at third in batting third walked in his first at bat in the first inning found out to first base in the fourth the final at bat of his fourteen year career. He took the field prior to the fifth then left to a thunderous ovation. Right leaves as the Mets all time leader in hits run score total basis. Doubles Harvey is and walks Yankees. Meanwhile, put on another offense of displaying an eight five win over the Red Sox gleyber Torres. His two run Homer in the fourth. Dave the Yankees, torture and sixty five home runs this season. Which set a new major league record? They added to nine total in the seventh. When John Carlos Stanton, Wendy p also had a double and finished with two Rb is giving him one hundred on the season and Miguel. And do har- added a pair of doubles that gives him Forty-six on the year and breaks. Joe dimaggio's rookie record set back in nineteen thirty six college football. Syracuse is upset bid fell short on the road. They lost a third ranked Clemson twenty seven Twenty-three Indiana held off Rutgers twenty four seventeen Cincinnati hammered Yukon, forty nine seven Hari ran past buffalo forty two thirteen heading into the final twelve singles matches at the Ryder Cup in Paris Europe holds a commanding ten six lead over the United States with sports. I at twelve and forty two past every hour. I'm John fast. If you love puzzle games, but our board of crushing candy police. The hugely popular mobile game best beans this game is ridiculously but with consistence five out of five star ratings. It's a puzzle game. You can't miss out.

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