New U.S. sanctions are expected to hit Iranians hard



Be quite a while before the tree of life synagogue can reopen was the scene of a brutal shooting last week when a man entered the synagogue and opened fire on worshipers killing eleven and wounding a number of others, including four police officers. Suspected gunman was arraigned this week on a forty four count indictment. Charging him with murder hate crimes. Obstructing the practice of religion. The White House says cheering another strong jobs report, which comes just days before the midterm elections. NPR's? Scott Horsely reports US employers added two hundred and fifty thousand jobs last month as the unemployment rate held steady the low three point seven percent. The jobs report top even some of the rosier projections, showing employers in all sorts of industries were hiring at a healthy clip. What's more the tight labor market is finally showing up in higher wages over the last year hourly wages grew by? Three point one percent. The fastest pace in nine years. White House economists Kevin Hassett says weekly paychecks grew even faster as many employees worked longer hours. Basically anyone who wants to work more at the job? They have is having an easy time doing some people who'd previously given up looking for work or not re entering the job market more than seven hundred thousand new workers joined the labor force last month. Most of those people found jobs, Scott Horsely, NPR news, Washington, the nation's trade gap. That's the difference between what other countries send to the US. An American firm send abroad wind in September Commerce Department says the trade gap had fifty four billion dollars up one point three percent from the previous month. Stocks ended would have been a brief string of obsessions. The market faltering amid concerns about device maker Apple's recent earnings numbers. The Dow fell one hundred nine points to twenty five thousand to seventy the NASDAQ closed down seventy seven points today, the standard and Poor's five hundred was down seventeen points. You're listening to NPR and. From KPCC news. I'm Nick Roman with the stories we're covering at seven hundred four the nation's immigration courts are dealing with a serious case backlog things got even Messier this week in L, A and other cities KPCC's less. They bear Stein. Roe Haas attorney Jean REEs was standing in line with a client outside the downtown LA immigration court this week when she noticed something was amiss. We weren't moving in line, which was odd.

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