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World Series last night Red Sox went up to all on the dodgers at Fenway park. But don't blame. Dave Roberts in the NFL. Pete Carroll makes seven and a half million dollars. That's double what is general manager makes Sean Payton the saints makes nine million dollars a year. That's triple what is GM makes. But with the dodgers, the general manager Andrew Friedman make seven million dollars a year and the manager Dave Roberts makes one million. So stop blaming him. He wasn't allowed to play his best players last night. Because the guys up stairs run baseball. Everybody wants to did Dave Roberts. Just get dumb. Didn't even all the great moves against Milwaukee. No. He just got dumb and a week know the difference between that game last night is the Red Sox played all their best players and their stars were allowed to be stars. And Mookie Betts star three hits JD Martinez star huge RBI to RBI single. David price star sixth grade innings. Dave Roberts went to his office and said, I can't wait to we're a home run hitting team. I'm gonna pay. Oh, no. You can't play your home run hitters. Well, what do you mean? We were second in baseball and home runs. We led the National League in home runs. But the analytics overruled at upstairs and said, Cody bellinger's not gonna play I want you to think about that. Cody. Ballot ger was the National League championship series MVP. And he is not started for the first two games because he bats left handed. David price is a left hander and the numbers and the projector and the nerds and the analytics and the. Dave Roberts wasn't allowed to play. His stars. Can you imagine telling Mike dantonio the rockets you can't start James harden and play him? Can I play them later? Yeah. Couple minutes late in the game. Why? Well, analytic say, he'll stroke. Can you imagine? Ballot. Check being told by general manager can't play gronk what about in the no no analytic say you cannot play. Gronk. He doesn't match up folks. The dodgers three leading home run hitters. None started their nationally championship series. MVP? Didn't get a start there. Three leading home run hitters got three at bats whole game combined. Come on you want blame? Listen, don't blame the bagel if you're overweight and don't blame traffic if you're late to work leave earlier, eat better. It's ridiculous to keep beating up on these managers. I to me in October stars Trump analytics I want Mantelet ex and David Ortiz and a-rod after the game. We're saying basically, you didn't play Bellinger. What did you expect? Act a neuter their MVP. You can see it in his face the body language. He's got family. He's France Texan. I'm saying didn't you just win them p, bro? In the play of nobody knew the day up. You've over turned on the motor. What nobody is fans. One to see dot guy

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