Matthew Stafford endures 10 sacks, 17 hits; Lions' OL 'embarrassed'


The lions boy, it was an historic day. Really? You could call that Chris Villar in regards to what happened to Matthew Stafford by the Vikings. If that's what you want to call it. That's fine. With me. Ten sacks isn't going to lead to any nice things being said about them. They also only ended up with three field goals against the Vikings defense at a twenty four to nine loss. The dagger coming in the fourth quarter when Matthew Stafford made an ill advised lateral during a run to the right side that resulted in a defensive touchdown for the Vikings. He was asked what happened there? Yeah. Just trying to do too much. You know, hasn't really got anything going all day on offense and snuck out of the pocket, and and so on they're really just got slide and play the next play just trying to make too much happens. We'll Stafford ended with one hundred and ninety nine yards zero touchdowns zero interceptions. Carrie Johnson the leading rusher with just thirty seven yard. On twelve carries Marvin Jones six catches for sixty six yards in the game. After the game head coach. Matt Patricia was asked if losses like this can affect the psyche of his players tough guys. You know, they're mentally tough guys physically. Tough guys they go to work every day. We understand that the games aren't easy. It's very difficult. And doesn't matter. We got a game coming up this week. We gotta get ready for them. We gotta go back to work. So that's our mindset. It's gotta be our mindset. There's really no other options. There's no other choice. Well that game that he mentioned is in Chicago next week. Another big division game on the

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