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Don't the sun say their father has been misrepresented for political reasons. I'm Evan Haning. This is news talk. Eight twenty am WPA Fort Worth Dallas nine point five FM KTAR FM HD, two Fort Worth Cumulus station. Now, what's trending on WBZ, AP and v dot com. He it's ten to from the WB AP twenty four seven news task. I'm Steve coming some militia groups will be helping to stop the migrant caravan from crossing into the United States from Mexico. The Washington Post reports that the Texas Minutemen plan to send at least one hundred members to help the military stop migrant caravans heading toward the United States. President Trump has called the migrants invaders and continues to claim on the campaign trail that there are bad people hiding among the legitimate migrants who want to ask for asylum. The US military's issued warnings to army commanders about unregulated militia members self deploying to the border parents southlake are concerned with a racist. Video posted by a group of students that went viral WBZ AP's Clayton Neville says the Carroll ISD school board, and the parents are split on whether the punishment for the students is enough. The video taken off campus features mostly teenage girls chanting. The inward. And laughing. This mother told the school board that the video has had a big impact on the community..

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