BuzzFeed cuts their podcasting team and closes the majority of their podcasts



In Stockholm, Sweden, the latest pod news BuzzFeed has cut their podcasting team to focus on video the Wall Street Journal reports as a result of the changes. Most of buzzfeed's podcasts would be shutting down. The article says, and the cons do only affect a handful of BuzzFeed employees in last week, panoply shut its content division. Earlier, audible did similar. The mooch is making his way into podcasting digitally and Anthony Scaramucci producing podcast mooch and the MRs which will be exclusively available on enter combs, radio dot com platform. The Latin podcast awards have announced their nominations for this year's awards, Pacific content. Steve Pratt, discusses ways to make podcasts sharable on social media. He says, don't share the podcasts Australian TV news, channel, Sky News, Australia has signed a deal with kosten over entertainment for address presentation in the country. Does he John was reported to be made into a TV show in March. You can now watch the teases for the upcoming show on Bravo. Did you highlights why podcast companies are getting more into scripted shows? It's worth remembering says the article that scripted shows may track the headlines and the Hollywood produces, but known scripted still accounts for most of the podcasting. Universe is a new poll causing studio in Richmond, Virginia. In the US read amp was founded in part because comedian Joan, please who used to be funny wanted somewhere to record iheart, Radio, Australia is celebrating its fifth birthday. It claims Australia's largest podcast library. The brand is run by a RN in Australia, and similarly run by brokers networks in Canada, and New Zealand. And chorus. Radio has snapped up nights time a popular Canadian mystery podcast. The show is now on choruses curious, cast platform, and we'll be add on the company's global News Radio stations. Later in the air it claims. It's the first show to make it from podcast to broadcast

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