World Series expert picks: Will Red Sox or Dodgers win it all?


Teams after I saw every one of them playing person Red Sox Astros, Yankees, Indians brewers dodgers and that order. I absolutely think the Boston Red Sox have a better club that the dodgers. And I think they'll win this in six or seven I agree on the six and seven. I don't see us going to sweep like so many people do and part of it is there's not a lot of experience on both sides against you know, the top tier pitching Manny Machado in. Brian dozer have seen Chris sale at ninety seven ninety two and done some damage against them. And the same thing goes with Clayton Kershaw JD Martinez being in the, you know, the front of the order in owning Kershaw relatively in in eleven at bats. Do you sense that the key to the series is the field period? And who could feel out the other team quicker? Well, I think that's part of it. But in a short series in for me in any any series. It's about the pitching in. I am concerned about Chris sale. I'm not as concerned anymore. As much as I was about Kershaw. He's got the Kershaw. Although he's more of a craftsman. Now, you've got three lefties going for the dodgers you got to in the rotation going for the Red Sox. I'll take my chances with the right handed hitting Boston Red Sox against those three lefties. I think that could be a big big advantage when you are looking at a JD Martinez in the middle of the order, Mookie Betts, Bogaerts Nunez, those guys that hit from the right side. I think they're going to do some damage in Fenway. I think it's gonna be a different game in LA. You know, I I worry about them pitching to die like, Cody Bellinger. For example. I think he had to keep the ball up on him. He's an uppercut swinger. You put the ball down. You may never see it again. I think these are pretty quick pitchers at I think the way they pitched the opposition is going. Is going to determine who winces, and that's not a genius comment. Are they it's all about the pitching, no doubt? And I think the way that the the Red Sox has set it up where they have Chris sale going game one David price game two, and then the unknown so ripper Selo and Nathanael have all the will be coming out of the pen in the first game or two depending on what goes on in. Do you sense it they're they're protecting themselves from a a short start from occur sailing game one? Right. I think that's exactly what they're doing. I don't think I would even though they did it all year long. I don't think I would pick up these back to back. I think they are doing it. Look, I think Alex Cora was the manager of the year. He and bo-, you know, bowl mill with the athletics. I don't say anything that guy does. But sale, you know, just coming back from the hospital probably lost a couple pounds said he couldn't afford to lose place at the game of his life. Can he do twice in a row? I think that can that's why I think the Red Sox are a little bit better team at this point of the year much better during the season. But you know, you gotta give credit for the dodgers. They scrapped themselves back into this. They one and I give him credit. I just don't think I think they're going to get get up managed. I think Alex Cora and the Red Sox front office is gonna do the job. A former staffer the Astros and Mariners currently with clubhouse corner dot com is kind enough to join us here. Cambio tonight. Drew harvard. Kevin Franson, we are previewing Dame one of the World Series tomorrow night at Fenway Red Sox dodgers Clayton Kershaw. Chris sale. We've been talking about the pitching birdie. I do want to get more into the offense on both of these teams. We're talking about a dodger team who set their franchise record two hundred and thirty four home runs this year. And then he had the Red Sox knocked around. The Astros was twenty nine runs in five games. Jackie Bradley, jR, driving and nine in the AFC. Yes. So tell me about the offense for both of these teams. And really who do you think has the biggest advantage? But I still think it's the Red Sox the wildcard for me could be mad Kemp he won't be starting at D H. They have to of course, and us mad count in their order in the middle of the order behind Machado and in front of Brian dosier. They're using dosier as well. It's mad Kemp that kind of scares me on the Red Sox. He's the great unknown. He can hit the gaps. He can hit the ball over the played as well rested. He had a terrific first-half tailed off in the second half. He's the guy that when you put put all the chips down now Matt Kemp may pick him up. So he's a guy that scares me in the line. David freezes quietly under the radar. They have some weapons. No question. We all know what Justin Turner can do we've seen. What Chris Taylor can do. This is a very very good club. You've got a pitch to bell. And you're like I said they've got to keep the ball up. The bed is is make them swing at it. Get away from the uppercut swing. Yes. Of course is dangerous. But on the other side of the ball, Mookie Betts. You know, Mookie Betts when I saw him first off in the Arizona fall league. He was playing second base. He was far enough of the best athlete in the air that year. This guy makes things happen. Then he's followed by Benintendi. And granted he's a left-handed hitter. But he can smack the ball, and how do you pitch to JD? So I think these are very well balanced teams. But I think pitching and Fenway is going to be a little bit too much for the dodgers. And I think they're going to lose at Fenway, maybe two games. And then we'll see what happens from there. Yeah. I think it's huge. If you know, especially the the Red Sox hold serve then they can play around a little bit not play around. But having Mookie come in and not really be afraid of like he's going to cost us. Oh, no. Because when he was there this year and even in the past that you could play. Yes. So much range. We all know that. No question about it holiday. Would you like to pick up a Nathan? The scrapping. You know? How would you like to have a number three starter name Nathan Valdez control the ball a hundred miles an hour who the dodgers had at one point. And now he may win a game against you. I mean, there's so many corks to this when you can get a guy like a ball deep during the season as your number three starter. You know, I just love it. I love it for both teams Verney who's your who's the guy you worry about more at the back end. Is it kenley or kimbrel kimbrel against this team? By the way, one for thirty one guys that are on the in the lineup for the dodgers won for thirty one against him. Well, I would never ever say a bad word about kenley Jansen. Is on his game right now. He scares me. But the Red Sox may put these away before its time believe me, and if they can then kenley Jansen if they can't then kenley Jansen is to be reckoned with the guy is still great. I feel sorry for what he's dealing with. And I think he's gritty gutsy, but you know, kimbrough's no slouch either both. These bullpens are really really strong. These are these are two good teams. I don't think they're the best two teams. I think these are two good teams. What's your thoughts on Manny Machado? And just the way he's been pretty demoss postseason. I am old school my friends. It made me sick to my stomach to see what he did it at first base. Tasers secular. It makes me sick to my stomach to see him going into second day slake that and I think the thing that made me the sickest is when you say hustling is not my Cup of tea on a scout, my friends and the first thing that we fill in. There's three things can this guy play is he better than what we have. And number three. Can you play for us? And for me on my form. No he cannot play for us. There are teams that would love to have him though. Run to him. That's fine. You put that guy in the mid west or in some cities, you put them in San Francisco and watching my hustle watch. What happens for me? It's a way over the top. I didn't like it. I don't like it. And I think it's going to hurt him. I I. I think the one team that everyone talked about is the Phillies in him going to I'm calling because out here. He he killed. Yeah. Try this or New York or any other big market that he's projected to go. What do you think is agents said the reaction of his agent when he read those comments, please. You just saw it. You saw him hustle. You saw last game. He played hustling kept his mouth shut. But you know, what damage is done. He is not the type of guy that I think is gonna win you the pennant. I like us a scrapper much more. Yeah. You can knock the fence down. But you know, it's not all about him. You give me a Justin Turner any day of the week. I'll take that Bernie. I think I'm sorry. Go ahead. Why don't you finish your thought? Go ahead. I think in general this dodgers team is a little bit over the over the top for me. I think pointing to your muscles rounding, you know, your home run your home run trots a bit over the top for me. I was just curious on how fast that switch is flipped when you see a guy like minimum Chato acting this way because we see a pro sports, Bernie talent will usually Trump everything else. Yes it well. And that's why I said there are teams that are going to run to them they wanna badly and again for the clubs that I was with with the Houston Astros with the Seattle Mariners. I don't think we would have taken that type of demonstrative behavior. But the game has changed and you either love it or or get out of it and don't pay any attention. I happen to love it. But I don't have to like what I see from some players believe me ninety nine percent of these guys are much different. They're wonderful guys. And all it takes one guy to show off like that. And give other people a bad name. I didn't like it. I guess that clear. Hey, we got you a prediction with the Red Sox in either six or seven but tomorrow night who is your guy is it sale is occurs show. Or is it somebody else? No Kershaw gets game one. I think Kershaw is pitching very well. I worry about sale I worry about about the hospital the stomach. I don't know if he's less weight. I haven't seen him.

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