Kavanaugh tells senators he will not withdraw nomination


Whatever she has to say, let him say what he has to say. And at the end, the the senators will make a choice, President Trump laying out the basics for Thursday. Senate Judiciary committee hearing judge Brad Kavanagh on his accuser, Christine, Blasi Ford will testify senators. Let's get the latest now from ABC's. Karen Travers from the White House. Good morning. Karen, good morning. So. This all got pretty much finalized yesterday. Didn't it with her attorneys weighing in? Yeah. You know, the details are that'll be ten AM eastern time on Thursday, she'll testify first Cavanaugh would go after that. She is requested in her lawyers have requested that the committee. Call other witnesses, including Mark judge the man who she says was present for this who he has no recollection of it. It doesn't look like that's going to happen. The Republican committee members have certainly made clear the moving forward with these two witnesses the other issue that is unresolved from the Christine Blasi Ford end of things is whether or not it will be the Republican senators asking the questions of her all of them are male. Her lawyers have said that they believed that the senators have been dismissive of her story, and they want them to ask the questions, but there certainly been rumblings of outside counsel coming in to do it instead of them. Yeah. That's interesting chess match because I would have thought she would have wanted. Maybe what they offered a female attorney on the Senate side to question. But she says, no, she wants those senators to ask Kansas more complicated. Now in light of this. Accusation from Denver Ramirez who has Colorado ties. Yeah, it is in some ways because you have Diane Feinstein the ranking democrat on the Senate Judiciary committee calling for an immediate postponement of any further proceedings as she puts it related to the nomination of Brett Cavanaugh that could of course, include Thursdays, very intimidated testimony from Christine Blasi Ford and Cavanaugh himself. She is asking that this new allegation. Brought by Deborah Ramirez. Published yesterday in the New Yorker be referred to the FBI for investigation. They also the Democrats have been pushing for that for Christine Blasi Ford's allegation and the Republicans. I have not made those same calls. We know. Of course, the president has said he's not asking the FBI to do that. He thinks that it's just not what they're going to be moving forward on. Do you get a sense of if this accuser, the first accuser testified today, which way this the Senate panel would go I can't say at this point? I think a lot of very key votes are holding things close to the vest till they see exactly what she said. Says even the president last week was saying, you know, if she makes a credible case he would have to make a decision that was certainly caught a lot of people's years here in Washington. But right now, there's no rumblings that he's considering moving down his list that he had when he first was considering judge Cavanaugh earlier this summer this confirmation went from using the sports parlance to a slam dunk to a layup. Maybe a free throw. Now, it's getting like to the realm of a three point line. And I understand there's kind of seven senators that are somewhat hedging their bets at this point. Yeah. And you know, they're the senators that everybody has been focusing on even before all of this came out. What is Susan Collins going to do what is Lisa Murkowski going to do what are those senators the Democrats who are from red states who are up for reelection? Joe Manchin, Joe Donnelly, Heidi Heitkamp, those are the ones everybody's been keeping an eye on. And you know, I think everybody's just waiting to see how this plays out over the next three days. It's going to be very busy in Washington. This sure is thanks for laying. It all out for us. We

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