Fitzpatrick or Winston: Who will start for the Tampa Bay Bucs?


To footballs and entertainment business, and you have to convince the fans to part ways with money time. And and emotion. Loyalty dedication to the team. What are the people in Tampa? Think of Ryan Fitzpatrick versus Jameis Winston, right? I mean, I saw a bunch of beards. I didn't see anybody eating ws in the stands on Monday night. I saw a bunch of beards on Monday night. Do the Tampa Bay fans want Fitzpatrick or do they want Winston, and and coaches can say we ignore the outside of baloney. If you ignore what your fans want what the people who pay the bills want what the people who either show. Show up or don't want the people who either clamor for you to be fired or clamor for you to get an extension want. Then you're stupid. You have to listen to what the fans want, and you have to be communicating with the fans, you have to be doing focus groups and surveys, and you have to have your finger on the pulse at all times of what the people want because that's a factor. It's not the deciding factor, Chris. But if there is a clear momentum for Fitspatrick, you can't move to Winston you can. But you have to do it at your own risk until there's that clear move among the fans to go with James Winston.

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