James Harrison says Le'Veon Bell should return to Pittsburgh Steelers, then fake injury to avoid games

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If you're like me in there, some of you that are, you've got levian bell on your fantasy football team, and you're just waiting. And the way this thing is set up to go is that levian Bill wants to record the twenty nineteen season as service time, which means he doesn't have to show up until November the six, twenty eight season. Yeah. Or or week ten of the season. James Harrison, his teammate today suggested he should come in November, sixteenth, and then faking injury. So he doesn't have to play a single game for the Steelers this year and still becomes an unrestricted free agent after the year. Now, here's a, here's something interesting if the Steelers trade levian bell and there are rumors that they're, they're going to trade him or at least are feeling teams up. The jets are one team that that expressed interest, they would receive a third round compensatory pick in the twenty nineteen draft the upcoming draft. Okay, if a trade him if they trade him, okay. If they just wave him, just say, were sending the franchise tag you go or ever. You want health fellow well met, you get you get a third round compensatory pick in the twenty nineteen draft if they wait until after the season and after the Super Bowl and they decide levian bell leaves, they get a competitor. Ori pick, but it's not till twenty twenty. So in order to get a pick in this upcoming draft, they've got a trade or waive him during this season. So there's incentive there actually is because if you trade 'em you're taking on another salary and other contract, James Connors been pretty effective in very effective. Yeah. Who would have thought that it would end that way? You know there's enough teams that like really could use a running back like Seattle could really use a running back. I could like I, if if you could send him there, Detroit like desperately needs a running, especially a guy but the, but the problem is the same for anybody else. Are you gonna give him? Are you gonna pay him big, right? If he's unrestricted, free it. And how much money are you willing to pay? Levian bell. I'm trying to think what is what is girls number Todd, Gurley nineteen. I think he got nineteen million and I think fifty million guaranteed is levian bell. Gonna get fifty million dollars guaranteed out there. I'm not sure that that's their anywhere else. Yeah, I would see because I think if he got traded, he'd have to prove his worth in running backs. Frankly, don't get traded that often, Eric dickers- and got traded Marshall. Faulk got traded. Even if he gets trade like you can't really trade for them. Because the situation is the same. He can still hold out to week ten and record a year of service time. Agent contract you once he has no incentive to come

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