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But he's a sitting federal judge is not an unknown quantity plucked out of the air. Trump trumpet, go in the gutter and pick a lawyer. He picked a well respected, well known well vetted man who worked for George Bush, and even Democrats said support Cavanaugh, I never thought Cavanaugh was the right pick coming from the from the Bush White House number one and being a very moderate Republican who we don't need number two. Because I know he would disappoint this even if he's on the supreme court, by the way, don't don't for one minute. Think I I think he's such a great conservative. He certainly better than what would have happened if Hillary Clinton was in the in the White House, and she picked God forbid, an even more extreme Ruth, bad girl Ginsburg, could you imagine that can you imagine what she'd call the girls from. To put on the supreme court. What a kangaroo court it would become so, okay, we'll be a moderate Republican, and they should thanking God, by the way, the Trump picks such a moderate. But no, that's not good enough Dianne Feinstein, and Mr. Blumenthal. Charlie Schumer and dick Durbin, a moderate Republican wasn't good enough for them. They had to conduct this witch-hunt now that there would like to inflict on Trump and on every American male who stands for this nation, every straight white heterosexual. Christian male is being tried along with cavenaugh and make no mistake about it. This is a generic destruction a generic destruction not have Cavanaugh. But of what I said to you those characteristics. There is a war in this nation against straight white heterosexual, Christian men and Cavuto happens to be the Jesus figure of these times..

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