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Sometimes you make quarterback are most of the time of your streaming quarterback because you're replacing your normal starter. Sometimes you do. So because you don't like your current starters matchup, and Matthew I don't know that I'll be wanting to start Kirk cousins this week against a very good bears defense. Well, you just heard so his pass catchers are banged up here. So you don't love that. You certainly don't like this matchup against the bears defense, and we've talked about this a little bit. I mean cousins makes my hate list. And so we talked about yesterday podcast, but not everyone listens to every single podcast. Right. Since the beginning of last year. The Chicago Bears have had thirteen different home games on Vic Fangio their their offense coordinator, he's been there for longer. But just. Under Fangio last thirteen home games. Going back to the star last year. They've just fifteen touched on passes thirteen games. Fifteen touchdown pass than thirteen home game. Since the start last year. There are top ten defense in terms of touched on percentage and sack percentage win at home over the last two years again, you think about Kirk cousins who since week five is the number twenty one quarterback and fantasy. You know, he hasn't. He hasn't been great from a fantasy perspective we expect Dow cooked to be a full go here. And so on the road and a tough divisional match up. Don't you see a little more, you know, a much more balanced offense here. Now, you've got banged up pass catchers and a tough match-up boil boy. Yeah, I Kirk cousins make the hate list. I'm taking the under on his projection here. You know, he's my number sixteen quarterback for the week. And that's after Wilson and Rogers have been removed from the rank are we underselling Mitch Trubisky doesn't even crack the consensus top ten after a ridiculous six game stretch. And that was after the six touchdown game. He had against Tampa. We talked about this. I mean, this was this is sort of crazy throw the the six on game against heavy came in week four. Okay. And throw that out. You're like adds a fluke. It's Tampa Bay done count on counter. Okay. Starting in week five from week five on on a points per game basis. No quarterback and fantasy football has been better than Mitchell Trubisky. Yeah, he's been nothing short than. Yeah. Why not is my question. I have a ten I'm the highest of us three higher. I think for me the concern is Vikings defense right into form and being much better of late. Yeah. I mean only twice this season has a quarterback thrown multiple touchdown passes against the Vikings only twice Jared Goff. And Carson Wentz is Mitchell Trubisky in that realm. He might be. But I don't think. So I mean, I don't think he's there. I certainly don't think he's there from an NFL quarterback. Stan but differs in rushing, right? Rushing. And that's that's that's the argument there. So you know Vikings to allow a touchdown pass on a legal two point four percent pass attempts since week five their defense has been so good. So it's just how much rushing do you get a Trubisky, and that's what you're really banking on

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