Facebook rolls out 3D photos that use AI to simulate depth


I've held off covering the recent bloodbath in tech stocks this week because I mean, you could be listening to the show tomorrow or next week. So it's hard for me to be definitive about the machinations of the stock market from day to day, but there has been a bloodbath and tech stocks this week by the time you hear this, they could evolve roared back to health, but the turmoil in the market has claimed one high profile tech victim. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that tencent music. Entertainment group is postponing its initial public offering, at least until November because the selloff in global markets generally has made things difficult for new tech IPO's, especially coming from China. Tencent. Music was expected to get evaluation of between twenty five and thirty billion dollars, which would have made it one of the largest tech IPO's of all time. Tencent. Music is the music service spin off of the giant tencent hole. Readings and operates several apps popular in China, including q music, which is a popular karaoke platform. But by the way that bloodbath and tech stocks, how bad has it been with the caveat that I'm writing these words at ten thirty AM Friday morning the so called FANG stocks or fan stocks. Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google have had more than six hundred billion dollars of market value. Wiped out from their recent peaks. The hardest hit is Facebook whose shares have fallen thirty percent since its July peak, wiping out one hundred eighty eight billion in market cap. Second, hardest hit net flicks, which has lost

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