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Orthodox Church to move forward with Ukrainian independence


Say a landslide which is swept away part of the town. The country's coffee growing region has killed eleven people. The officials added a hillside and the town of Marquetalia collapsed onto several houses during torrential rainfall. The Mexican president-elect under as Manuel Lopez Oprah door has announced his administration will recruit fifty thousand young people for the army navy and federal police force. He said the move would be part of his anti-crime strategy and the new recruits would have good working conditions and benefits Candice. Pierre is our America's editor Mexico doesn't have enough police those it has got a poorly trained and under-equipped low salaries and a lack of protection makes them vulnerable to corruption and the influence of the drug cartels experts say the country invest too little to have what it needs a four search can identify crime hotspots and us intelligence to work out how to deal with them. Mr. Lopez over dole has said he wants to get the military off the streets and invest in Sasha force. Instead, he seems to be talking about a huge increase in military manpower. The Dubai-based portal DP world is. Begun construction work in a project to expand. Massively the port of Barbara in the self-declared Republic of Somaliland the project worth about half. A billion dollars will include an economic free zone and a road linking port with landlocked Ethiopia. An unnamed buyer who big nearly one and a half million dollars for a work by the street artist. Thanks as gone ahead and paid for the painting girl with balloon, despite the fact that the peace partially shredded itself moments after the hammer fell at auction last week the auction years Sotheby's said the European collector had decided to go ahead with the purchase BBC news. Support for the world comes from legalzoom

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