Hawaii's COVID Rules Turn South Carolina Family's Vacation Into Nightmare


It's called cova derangement syndrome. It has it has been added to the list of derangement syndromes like trump derangement syndrome. And just ask less besson door for my my buddy. Joey hudson was telling me about less this week. Less went to hawaii from south carolina with his wife and kids and i want you to hear his store less. We really appreciate you joining us. Here on the mike gallagher show because when joey told me about your case i thought i gotta share this with everybody. How are you sir. don't mike thanks for your patience. You and your wife vaccinated your sons. Your sons are fourteen and sixteen correct. That's right and they weren't vaccinated so you wanted to follow all the rules regarding did with the hawaii restrictions we can you walkers through what happened when you got to hawaii Yeah well we've got the hawaii. We got up there playing the a section where the steering people make sure they had all the paperwork and everything that they need to pass the their their rules There was no problem with my wife. And i But my two sons they Have the testing done through Hawaii's one of them's hawaii's partners with the supposed to have a twenty four hour turnarounds to the test results and It had to be done within seventy two hours. Seventy two hours wouldn't accept the test results so when we get to hawaii we find out that the lab that hawaii uses Or one of the lots of these several but one of them that they use That we ended up using did not Complete tests and did not upload the results So we're in the airport there and In the hawaii airport. In what we're in hawaii on the big island in this now. So you're on the big island and your and your and you realize now you've got you and your wife have your vaccination cards but your kids test results have not been properly process show now. Hawaii thinks you guys are stuck because you've got two kids without a vaccinate or without a cova test result correct. Was that we so we asked. Well can we just get tested for them. Houston all the tasks are very quick. this is what really surprised me is that they said you can't get a test in hawaii it from out of state you have to leave the state to get a test to come back in. So we they don't they don't they. Don't have the ashes in hawaii. That had those blue buynaksk by max. Now kids we get a fifteen minute result. I'd like to tell you that that we were in tokyo so i couldn't get out to see if they have this. No kidding because this gets worse all right so let's go through this show so you can't get the test there. So then what happens so they tell us. We have three choices. Choices are one to leave hawaii to to go into those ten days of quarantine or three to have. A the governor's office grant an exception in our case. How are you going to get a governor's exception in your case standing in the hawaii the airport hawaii i have no idea i wonder your. Where did you go from the airport. I don't know what happened from the airport. We tried to go to our beach house that we rented for the first two nights before the resort for the rest of vacations right but The airport wouldn't let us leave until they Until they called the beach house confirmed that they would keep us in our beach. House and Make sure that we quarantined. Keep you in like like like house arrest. Like house arrest yes. I couldn't outside and the beach house. They they said they wouldn't be able to do that. And i can't blame them. They don't wanna be sitting around doing that kind of thing right so we have to find the hotel that would allow us to Be under Corentin in their hotel wounded up we ended up getting the marriott And we had improved the airport people there that we have a reservation at the marriott and the marriott would Indeed cheapest room and where. Where are you doing this making all these calls and trying to figure all this out with since hawaii thinks your two kids are like lepers. I guess you know. They've got the blue bonnet plague. What are you guys. Locked in broom closet somewhere in an office. Where are you doing all this. We are behond one of the counters or this is taking place while other travelers coming in and While we were there for about two hours three or four other people with similar issues that weren't able to get her to go to porn teams. Oh so you weren't. You weren't alone and going through this now. There were sort of Well Both with kids and a couple a single individual my gosh go you wind up at the marriott right with your family right how that go. Well not was. That was awful. I'll tell you it was awful Before we got to the marriott no they told us we have a one phone call to try to get with the lab to To get our results one photo giving you one phone. Call one phone call. That's what they told us and we. We ended up having a lot more because my sixteen year olds is autistic. And there's been expecting this trip for Well we're supposed to do it last year. That goes with council the at. He's expecting it for this year He just has a meltdown there in in there and And it was bad

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