A highlight from S3 E220: The Global Power That is India


Hi folks this is mock. Rossi went back to another episode of mine speak. This'll be episode. Two hundred twenty two global power data is india now even though the show is definitely about the country of india and we only have about an hour. So it's really about the thoughts of india currently as they are now you. You really can't cover. A complicated and diverse country is india in our. It's not really possible. I in fact. It's so diverse. And so complicated. I mean it would take number of hours. They really go through everything. So you're gonna forgive me. If i'm not bringing about lots and lots of indian history and things will will reflect on it now and then for the course of this show but it's really about where india has become an pobably just the last like thirty to forty years. It's been a big difference in and why we now say the global power that is india. And that's the reason why because we're gonna be talking about that. We're not really going to be talking about the past of india very much. Maybe that's another show. Maybe that's a history show and maybe that's just a a show that's strictly about a particular culture but in this particular case we are going to talk about. What i feel is pretty much the modern india. Okay now when we talk about india. One of the issues that i that i have with with people is is. It doesn't seem like they really have noticed the changes that have gone on in india. I think part of that is just because you know. India isn't really out there. You know in terms of of a pr campaign or gigantic history lecturer throughout the world about this is how we are now versus. How people have seen us before how we were before they don't really do that. I'm not really sure why. Maybe it is too busy. Modernizing the country and coming up to the forefront of civilization. Now that could be a good reason. But that's part of the reasons why sometimes people have fallen behind on their knowledge and their perceptions of india. Because i don't think it has anything to do with People looking down on india or people being racist or prejudicial. No people just don't know all that is now transpired in the last. Let's say even forty years. So you're going to get a lot of people if you mentioned india and i mean just here in america i mean anywhere else. They're going to think about poverty and thinking about diseases thing i think about doty rivers or they're gonna think about people. Even you know curry or folk hanging out at the taj mahal or everybody running around with turbans and all that sort of thing. And i'm not saying that none of that's true especially since that was a lot more common of image or even a reality in india. Let's say fifty years and before sure but india now is not the same thing at all. They've made great great strides in taking care of the poverty. That's in that country. It's not to say that it's zero. I don't know there's a country out at at zero okay. And i'm talking about america over here. We don't have zero here but it's no longer the huge problem that it was even fifty years ago. They continue to address it by becoming a more modern country by adding a lots and lots of manufacturing on there in the has it a certain advantage in southeast asia. that's different than most of those other countries in in the sense that the language english which is an international language is still big big part of of their society. I know it's You know in after afterward gift If you want to call it a gift from from those that colonized the british vacuuming de.

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