Philadelphia 76ers' Joel Embiid Denies 'Rift' Exists With Ben Simmons


On 'em bead fact here. He got upset because there was a story out in the twitter verse today from i guess at the nba central that the reason why simmons is leaving is because there is such a terrible rift between him and embiid that the sixers reportedly pick between the two. We all know mb got the big fat contract. And now simmons is being shown the door and usa. Today is reporting that that's part of the reason and he was very upset about that re tweeted out about how he loves playing with ben stats. Don't lie he's an amazing player. We all didn't get the job done. It's on me personally. I hope everyone is back because we know we're good enough to win. And then i guess. Embiid kept stewing on a little bit and then Tweet out i haven't forgotten but two years ago. I got booed people in philly wanted me to be traded. I even shush them. Only the real ones didn't. But i just put the work in that season to be better because i knew i wasn't playing up to my potential which is okay then comes the last line philly fans y'all got to be better to.

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