Is Thinning Hair a Sign That Something Else Is off With Your Health?


The first thing. That comes to my mind when i hear about thinning. Hair especially with women is that That could have a potential thyroid problem and generally. It's going to be hypothyroid where they don't have enough thyroid. Hormone the way that you would test for. That would be a thyroid blood panel. That's one of the symptoms that you'll find with somebody who doesn't have enough thyroid. Hormones is hair loss so that would be definitely something that i would want to get checked out right away. Usually there's going to be other symptoms associated with that things like fatigue weight gain and such but certainly place to start in addition to that though there are other factors that are actually probably more common that we see in my My health health clinic when my in my coaching program and that is going to be things like stress we have. We live in a stressful society. Right now and no doubt. It can be accumulated stress that can create that it can be sudden stress. Even i've a story about a young lady who works for me who began working out and she really went from zero to sixty overnight with her workouts and she noticed one of her symptoms from that was hair loss. So any kind of stress. It doesn't have to be emotional. Stresses the way that we think of but also a bigger issue is going to be what. We call hormone resistance. You can have adequate levels of thyroid hormone about fifty percent of the people who have thyroid. Problems will actually test normal if they went actually in and got that blood test. But what's happening is the hormone itself while it's in the blood it's there to be tested and it's you know they can read it as normal but if it's not able to get into the cells of the body then it can't do its job and that hormone resistance. People have heard of insulin resistance as it relates to diabetes. A lot of people have heard of that. it's not just insulin. it can be thyroid. it can be. Estrogen can be testosterone any type of hormone that is being resisted at the cell. And a can't get in and do its job. You're gonna get symptoms like you don't have enough of those hormones The the reason that we have that is because the cells become damaged and when they become damaged because we eat too much sugar. We have too many bad fats. What i would call denatured fats Too many toxins in our life too much stress not enough quality sleep nutrient deficiencies these type of things that i would associate with western lifestyle if you will. They can damage ourselves. When our cell membrane becomes damage now it becomes inflamed when it becomes inflamed. It can it can actually create a barrier where the hormones cannot be. They're not able to get into the

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