How to Structure Your Spirituality With Hindu Priest Dandapani


I always think that are four steps. When it comes to spirituality step one is philosophy. We have to gain absolute clarity on what philosophy is. A philosophy defines the goal. The goal defiance the pass. The path defines the lifestyle. I'll give you a very simple example. Know christianity's a huge religion with many denominations if you take somebody for one denomination -scribed to christian philosophy. And you johansen. What is the goal person may be to say. Oh my goal is to enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus christ my lord and say this. I need to go to heaven. And so krylov. Cigarettes nicole now. You have that clear goal. It's external because heaven is somewhere up there. It's where they typically point to the sky. then what's the path to get there and is what is the lifestyle. I need to live in order to stay on the path to get to the coke. Now if you hindu like myself the philosophy i subscribe to defines the goal as experiencing divinity inside of me divinities pure energy that exists in everything including me and you my goal is to go inward and experience of energy inside. I mean that's the goal now. That goal defines a pass that have defines a lifestyle so i always feel when it comes to spirituality. It's always good to reverse engineer. Everybody works forward looking back with allow so much more clarity of how then do i structure my life. My lifestyle than is pot civis. What practices i do. The lifestyle live needs to keep me on to pass. That gets me to my clearly defined

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