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Breaking news from the supreme court on this by neighbouring a rare unanimous decision vision involving money sports power. That could be a game changer. For student athletes across the country decision could change college sports as we know them today. So i called you because the supreme court made this historic decision about college. Sports and i was told that adam harris is the person to call about this. Why why is that. Why do you think that is so. I've covered education for several years. And before that. I was a college athlete myself. You were what did you play. I play basketball. Atlantic staff writer. Adam harris did not always dream of being a journalist. I me my ultimate goal. Of course. I was born in san antonio so i wanted to be thirty. Point guard for the spurs. The moment i knew that i was a spurs fan. Was the memorial day miracle. Which if you don't live in san antonio you probably are like the memorial day miracle. What is that robinson off the floor. So the memorial day miracle. The plan portland trailblazers. Sean elliott catches the ball tiptoeing near the three-point line. He turns hand in his face. I remember the call me it. He fires three whereby house. Just go nuts. We beat the knicks in the finals. Me and my family get in the car. We drive down tower honking horns. Everybody's flying spurs flags with the fiesta colors. Those are in streets chanting cheering. We went to heb because heb was selling commemorative copies of the championship. Newspapers of san antonio express news g. h. e. piece the best grocery store in the country. You're talking but i don't know i i've loved the spurs and basketball ever cents for as long as you can remember. Adam dreamed of being part of the sport that he loved the way to go pro in the us. Is you start in college. You play in the national collegiate athletic association. You become a scholar athlete just before college and into college. I'd really gone onto this idea. This glamorous college athletes playing for the purity of the game. That's a privilege and that's payment in itself you get to go to this great university for free. The idea of the scholar athlete. Who plays for the love of the game is at the heart of this bombshell supreme court decision. That came down just a few weeks ago. This case was the first time in decades that the court considered athlete compensation specifically the case was about whether colleges could give scholar athletes things like laptops or books for school whether that is an excessive

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