PlayStation 5 Hits 10 Million Sold


As hit a huge milestone. Ps five exit ten million units sold. I'm pulling from christopher drink at games. Industry dot biz playstation. Five is sony's fastest-selling games console. After surpassing ten million sales worldwide. The newcastle reached the figure on july eighteenth. Just under a month faster than the. Ps four managed other sales figures released by sony. Include that spider man. Miles morales has sold over six point. Five million copies since this launch last year. Ps five exclusives. Maternal released in april a has exceeded five hundred sixty thousand copies in rationing clink ripped apart which was which was released. Last month is already over. One point one million units worldwide. Meanwhile sony san diego developed the show twenty one which was released on non playstation platforms as well as surpassed two million sales worldwide. The game actually has more than four million players and was included in the game pass subscription servants sting. Yeah playstation five. Sales performance has been dependent on the company's ability. Supply demand with the console sold out global. Ceo jim ryan in a statement said that improving inventory levels remains a top priority. Speaking with games introduced biz. Ryan adds that. Ps five has seen double digit growth in terms of engagement whether that's monthly users or game playtime compared with the launch window of ps four quote. Engagement on the platform is the highest that. We've ever seen whichever way you look at it and quote key says

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