Cuomo Declares State of Emergency: Hurricane Henri Bearing Down on Tri-State


Hurricane on re is bearing down on the tri state with current models showing the category one storm, likely making landfall by early tomorrow afternoon. Somewhere along Central or Eastern, Long Island. Laundry is expected to come ashore with the sustained winds of at least 80 MPH with wind gusts topping 100 MPH. Widespread flooding is expected and Governor Cuomo declaring a state of emergency for Long Island, New York City, Westchester and the Hudson Valley Coastal Connecticut, also under a hurricane warning, including New Haven, Middlesex and New London counties. Earlier today, Cuomo telling New Yorkers in flood prone areas to evacuate If you know you are in an area that tends to flood if you know you are in a tidal area that tends to flood, if you know You are in an area that is subject to title surgeons. Get out of that area now, please. Widespread power outages are also expected in the city and parts of New Jersey. We're under a tropical storm warning and could see upwards of four inches of rain and winds hitting 50 MPH. Mayor de Blasio, announcing that outdoor dining in the city will be suspended tomorrow. The New York City concert in Central Park is going on as scheduled at this hour with Bruce Springsteen and Paul Simon. Among the headliners. A crowd of 60,000 was expected on the Great Lawn, with the mayor urging all concertgoers to head home immediately as soon as the concert

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