A highlight from The O.J. Simpson Trial: Runaway Grand Jury


Your about and you can also find t shirts and little pay pal links and other ways to support us in the description. Cute little phenomen shirt shirts and today we are continuing our march through history. The oj simpson trial. We're continuing our lake pub crawl through history. It's been so long since we've done a normal episode. That i'm like how do i do this again. Like what are the first. Three tagline is so this is great. I feel like you remember absolutely nothing of the oj simpson trial. And i would love to know what your summary of it. Salient points at this stage in the game. Well leave where we last left mr simpson. He was putting together his dream team. So we met f lee bailey. Who used to be haute most important detail from that episode. My favorite part of that was that someone on twitter with like. I feel like sarah's type is like the dowd from the wonder years nailed it. The first good tweet the first and last all that is say. Is that light guilt or innocence. Hotness is more subjective than some might imagine yes so yes were assembling the dream team and yeah we are picking up With the perhaps next most synonymous person with the oj trial of the lawyers who amassed so far who is of course alan dershowitz. Yeah who is alan dershowitz. Oh man he's like the wrong hist man of the twenty first century public controversy and he's been thinking about it this. This whole show is a letter to him. Yeah we're finally realising what this is all been four. Yes i mean i just finished his abysmal book on cancel culture. I'd just came out the things you do for us. What does this tell me what it. Because like i was going to talk and will in a minute. Talk about a book that he was just coming out with the nineteen ninety-four which is the abuse. Excuse right which is lake a has a really nonsensical argument and be in a way that is perhaps even more insulting to the reader is 'cause visibly lazy most of it is because to random columns and it's allen i know you right a lot of collins but that doesn't mean you have to try and trick people into reading. I'm thinking they're a book and it also it seems like he's had this downward trajectory where he used to be like relatively well regarded or at least not sort of a national joke but the last five ten years. He's just descended into trumpetist racist weird dunking on random. College students thing. I mean i don't know if he's on twitter but he definitely has twitter brain. Yeah and the the abuse. Excuse the bookie came out with a ninety four. Can i guess review a little bit of this the shining lee beautiful adding okay introduction. The abuse excuse the legal tactic by which criminal defendants claim a history of abuse. As an excuse for violent retaliation is quickly becoming a licensed to kill and maim more and more defense lawyers are employing this tactic and more and more jurors or buying it. It is a dangerous trend that serious and widespread implications for the safety and liberty of every american mantha demanding title paragraph. That's the thing. I feel like Something that lawyers trained to be able to do is to just like produce a lot of pages. They know how to write coherent sentences and they know how to structure an argument. Honestly a lot of people like if they encounter something. That feels structurally smart. We'll be like well. That must be right so sure. If you're an above average writer you can get away with some unbelievably bad thinking. Okay paragraph to among the recent excuses that have been accepted by at least some jurors have been battered. Women's syndrome abused child syndrome rape trauma syndrome and urban survival syndrome. This is encouraged lawyers to try. Other views excuses Black rage. these are like all law and order episodes by the way on the surface. The abuse excuse affects only the few handfuls of defense raise it and those who are most immediately impacted by an acquittal or reduced charge but added t for level. the abuse. excuse is a symptom of a general abdication of responsibility by individuals families groups and even nations out gone. it's widespread acceptance is dangerous to the very tenants of democracy which presuppose personal accountability for choices and actions. Slippery slope nonsense. And then there's a footnote and this is honestly my favorite part quote. I see this trend is very disturbing. It brought down the greek democratic experiment. It's that dangerous. One roger l. ton and quoted in the american bar association journal. He's such a fucking snowflake. a couple of people are getting reduced. and somehow he leaves this little web into this could be the downfall of democracy and the end of rome and it's also puts funniest to me about this. It's like ellen here a defense attorney like why are you a real power move to be essentially shitting all over what appears to be trenton. Your field that.

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