Stock Market Fears Covid Resurgence as Biden Touts Strong Rebounds


Day on Wall Street after growing fears about a renewal of the pandemic. There is a lot of nervousness right now in the market, investors worry a global surge in infections will threaten the economic recovery man. They sent stocks tumbling from Asia to New York. Where the Dow NASDAQ and S and P 500 each fell between one and 2% still, market analyst Edward Moya says this is not panic selling time. The overall outlook for U. S stocks is still upbeat and even as markets were falling now, I don't look at the stock market as it means my wish to judge the economy like my My predecessor did But he'd be very he'd be talking to every day the last five months about how the stock market so high. President Biden touted a strong rebound, saying his administration's brought the economy back from the brink. Soccer Megane Washington

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