Gavin Newsom Can Raise Unlimited Money Against a CA Recall


I don't understand something I'm sure most of my listeners. Do but i don't larry elder and that is why does gavin newsom unlimited expenditures allowed. And you don't well. It's a little complicated. But if you wanna get on the ballot and have it. Three affects a five hundred word statement about you. You have to agree to Only spin nine point seven million dollars. you cannot have that bio description and raise unlimited amounts of money if you want But then nobody knows who you are. Johncock for example is able to spend unlimited amounts of money. He's a very wealthy guy and he did not sign that thing that limit him to the nine point seven but he's run for office before And so people know who he is and he didn't feel the need to do that but everybody else If they're gonna know anything about you you need to have the bio on the on the on the voting pamphlet. So that's what the condition is and the conditions that you do that you're you're limited to a certain amount of money to spend i contemplated not signing it And my staff my expert campaign people said. No they're not gonna be able to raise more than that. I think i will and look like dennis. I am going to. But i was a now handicapped because a decision that i made earlier.

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