Kids Are Using Soda to Fake Positive COVID Tests

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Kids in england are using soda and juice to fake positive cova tests so that they can get out of class just another example of kids applying their genius in excellent if not quite productive ways. Mark larcher professor of science communication in chemistry at the university of whole decided figure out. Why exactly this works. His you know apart from kids may be skewing. Some of the data and causing unnecessary alarm about outbreaks of their schools. It is potentially concerning that something like coca cola. Could trip the tests. I you should know that these are lateral flow tests. Lsat's in the states they're more commonly referred to simply as rapid tests as opposed to the pc are tests. That can take a few days to hear back at some cases. They're handed out for people to test themselves at home. They function a bit like pregnancy tests with two lines appearing on the device to indicate the presence of the virus. But of course. You're using a swab from your nose or throat. not you know. Pe- lords explains how the tests normally work in the conversation quotes. If you open up an elephant device you'll find a strip of paper like material called nitro cellulose and a small red pad hidden under the plastic casing below. The tea line absorbed to the red pad are antibodies that bind the cove in nineteen virus. They are also attached. To the gold nanoparticles. Tiny particles of gold actually appear red which allow us to see where the antibodies are on the device. When you do a test you mix your sample with liquid buffer solution ensuring the sample stays at an optimum ph before dropping it on the strip the fluid wicks up the nitra cellular strip and picks up the golden antibodies the latter also bind the virus if present further up the strip to the t. For test are more. Antibodies that bind the virus. These antibodies are not free to move. They're stuck to the nitro cellulose as the red smear of gold labeled. Antibodies passed the second set of antibodies. These also grab hold of the virus. The viruses then bound to both sets of antibodies. Leaving everything including the gold immobilized on a line. Next to the t. On the device indicating a positive

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