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So we mentioned in the last episode that i am retiring from a my day job and you and i just gonna do this. Podcast fulltime from now on right though to be clear. I've thought of this as being your day job in your other thing being your side job sometime now so to those who employed me So here's the thing. We mentioned that That was gonna happen. It has happened but one of the things that we forgot to tell. You were moving. Well i mean. I don't think we didn't just we just didn't say yeah. I mean there's still there are still people in our lives who are learning of it. So streets Yeah so you were moving. We're moving from bangor maine to orlando. Yeah we're relocating the show to orlando. You were talking about getting a new license plate. That says bg are to mci right. I'm not going to now now. That i've mentioned it was going to anyway. Okay teasing me with a great idea. I've always said if i was going to get a vanity played. It would just say it's it's a monty python thing but yeah we're moving to orlando. It's going to be amazing there. It's the number four best city according to forbes magazine for vegetarians to live in. And we're going to be hitting the road the end of august and what we thought be fun is take you guys on the road trip with us. So we'll be checking in with you from time to time from on the road we'll be doing some episodes from on the road And then we'll be doing like special updates to the patrons on patriotic. So it's a good time for you to become a patron. So what i'm getting at patrons always get our weird travel. Updates with sometimes are just us like waylaid again. Well not just that weird stuff that happens in our life sure which often involves travel. Because ain't we like to travel anyway. I'm ready are you ready here. We go they were the rock gods of the eighteenth century. They played to packed venues filled with screaming. Fans people would line up overnight sometimes waiting for days in order to get tickets for their shows. Groupies would sneak backstage in an attempt to you know have a little fun. Spend the night you said in the eighteen. Hundreds eighteenth century and this team fench. Yeah this was the early seventeen hundreds. They were the biggest of their time. They were the opera stars. Oh of the early eighteenth century. Let me paint a picture for you please ill. It was an autumn night in seventeen. Thirty four this is actually this happened. This is a historical account. It was at the kings theatre on london's haymarket. It's a hot night but it standing room. Only the great opera star farinelli is performing as his last notes. Reverberate off the rafters the upscale audience explodes in frantic applause. He strolls casually to the edge of the stage to take his bows in the front row. A high society woman who would normally be very reserved hysterically screams. One god one farinelli and then faints only. Yes thank beatle. Mania really is the attitude mania seattle mania like rockstars. Today many of them didn't use their real names. And that was the case with farinelli. His real name was carlo brody. He was probably the most famous opera singer During this period without doubt he was the rockstar of his day his performances were accompanied by hysterical fans. Mostly women who screamed all the way through his performances. They'd see him in the streets they'd mob him. They'd rip his clothes. He commanded huge sums of money for his live performances. Andy was considered a threat to the establishment. He was a bad influence on the younger generation. Is what people said. He was very much like a modern rockstar. With one big exception He was castrated. Well yeah yeah. I know he was actually one of many many castrated opera singers at the time they were called. Oh cuss strategies was it. Strato thought that it would improve the way they sing. Yeah or created. Lisa and interesting sound and unsure it does when ones being castrated kastrati were opera singers who were castrated before puberty. The idea was to preserve preserve their youthful boy like singing voices as they gradually grew into men. Their voice developed into a very unique sounding instrument. That is terrible. It produced an exquisite sound. That people of the time fell in love with now. This actually began in the sixteenth century and people were cool with this process. Yeah yeah the you know. Sometimes the days the days days were violent. You can have your days. The practice as i said began in the sixteenth century in italy kastrati could be found singing in choirs. Even in court they had them in court they performed also at the sistine chapel now. They were used to hit the high notes they needed men that could hit the high notes. Now yes there were women that could hit the high notes but it was forbidden for women to sing in church. So they'd rather cut their balls off. Then let a woman singing church. They became so popular by the early eighteenth century that rarely a performance of an italian opera. That did not feature at least one kastrati and it was like an advertise guessing. ole okay. Yeah it was a craze in. It reached peak the seventeen twenty s and seventeen thirties. That is horrendous. Not only not only was it known commonly known but a common phrase used by audience. Members alike was quote long. Live the little knife they were in effect praising the tools that had a castrated the men that created these unique voices child abuse. It became a status symbol to be a kastrati. It's thought that four thousand italian boys were castrated each year. All in the name of music now. Oftentimes the kastrati came from poor families. And they you know. They thought worry about their family. Lineage continuing long as they could be used for entertainment. They thought that their sons would hope they hope one day would find success and prosperity in bring that back to the family but farinelli was from an upper society wealthy family history records that some including another celebrated star cafarelli requested the procedure himself. As a child he went. And said yeah. Please snip snip. Even though it was incredibly popular and respected to be a member of the kastrati many in the eighteenth century felt. Yeah you know genital mutilation of young boys might be a tad distasteful music. Historian named dr charles. Burney traveled all over. Italy was trying to find out where it was. The are performing these castrations but no city would admit to it. Yeah he wrote quote. I was told at milan that it was at venice at venice that it was at bologna at

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