Warriors Reject Sixers’ Steep Asking Price for Ben Simmons


Sixers are asking the Warriors per keep pumping, who covers the sixties for The Philadelphia Inquirer for Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman, the seventh pick in tonight's draft, the 14th pick in tonight's draft. And to future first round picks. So four first round picks. Wiggins and Wiseman. Basically That's six first round picks if you think about it. 7 14 to future. Wiggins was an early first round pick, and James Wiseman was just the second pick in the draft. So if you want to say, because Wiggins played in the league for a little bit hit, and he's kind of been underwhelming. Wise, but at least they're still has that potential. Even after his first season, it's basically Wiggins And five first round picks for Ben Simmons. If I'm the Golden State warriors. I'm glad they said no. And I don't think that price is going to be met for Ben Simmons.

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