A highlight from The Present - Guided Meditation

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Welcome to the podcast today. I'm going to share with you. Guided meditation the present before we begin this guided meditation. Like you to take a deep breath and as you exhale. All the stresses of the day flow away now exit should now be with positive energy as all the negative towns should fly away if he would like. You can close your eyes for this meditation if it does now i would like you to imagine that you are receiving a president. This president could come from anyone but when they gave you the present they told you it was filled with a lot of good energy and whoever where to inherit the president would also inherit the good energy so you decided to walk home with the president and when you open the present us a beautiful red ribbon covering a beautiful luebbe you decide to start to unravel the red ribbon so that you can see what is inside this box. You're still unsure of what your friend had told you about the present. What do they mean about. The good energy was it supposed to be something physical or something. We cannot see as you unravelled the red ribbon. You start to feel much happier. This red ribbon gives you a lot of positive energy but it is not coming to you at once. The positive energy starts moving each body part until it reaches the brain. It starts from the foot climbs to the legs than me to chess. The man to the nose to the is and to the brain and you feel a wonderful feeling like you see everything that you love your friends your family your favorite items. your favorite. Everything is inside the spa ox but it is not however the positive energy makes you feel like you have received the best gift in the world you decide to close the blue box and put the red ribbon back and as a shock to you. The good energy did not disappear as you closed the box. You are still feeling this positive. Warmth that the box has given you. You feel so happy that you decide to go. Walk to your friend's house your friend. Who has been having a not so good day was very happy to receive this blue box. You sit with your friend day to start to unravel the red ribbon. And the good energy flows through the entire body. They also received this feeling that they have gotten the biggest gift of the lifetime. There is nothing that is physically there. You decide to walk around the town and give everyone the box to open person by person they receive this wonderful feeling of the good energy flowing through the body at last. You come to the person who gave me the crisis house you hand them back. They get and they ask. Why do you not want the bucks. You take a deep breath in and out and say to your friend well. The real present was the good energy that you gave the heading. The present i learned at f. I gave good energy to those. I gave the present to that was all there was to present. There was no need for physical item whereas the present was the good energy. The friend smile. You walked back home as you are walking home. You had smile on your face.

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