Who is Dr. Jeff Barke?


Talk about the truth. Let's talk about science with one of the few doctors who's out there telling the truth about what we need to know about. Covert therapeutics boston. Vaccines welcome to america. First one on one. It's dr jeffrey balki. Board thirty five primary care physician. Welcome dr to one on one so great to be with you. Thanks so much for having me on. Well we had you on the radio show a week ago. It was super. It was too short. So we've already invited you back for a one on one discussion for those who missed the interview on the radio show and who haven't heard of you before. Just by way of introduction. Who are you what do you do. And what is our ex liberty our expert liberty is my website sev- where people can go and learn more about me. I've got a newsletter that i put out every couple of weeks naked subscribed it out by the way i recently started. A podcast. informed dissent the intersection of healthcare in politics and that can be found at in armed descent media dot com. I'm a primary care physician board-certified. I've been in private practice for over twenty five years i've served as an assistant professor at uc irvine. I've also served as a board member at the orange county medical association and in my spare time. I work as a tactical physician role local law enforcement agency emily last year. I started a charter school. A hillsdale affiliated republic charter school in the city of orange here in southern california but my day job is treating patients that i've treated literally hundreds and hundreds of cova patients successfully by instituting early treatment with many of our repurpose medications. That were really well. You can get visions early

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