A highlight from 09/21/2021 - Hour 1 - Aaron Rodgers Will Repeat as NFL MVP + Former NFL lineman Ephraim Salaam


It is the on chris. Bruce ought alongside my partner. That's why we're coming to. You live from the fox. Sports radio studio lot. Keep it locked right here with us for the next three hours. We promise you. You won't be disappointed whether you're listening to a fox. Sports radio the iheartradio app or sirius. Xm channel eighty three. You will be entertained. Let me welcome in kid dynamite. What up rob parker. Yo- i'm doing great. Are you kidding. Doing great lie lose shackles. What little seth. I'm wanna streak man. Come on and resort recedes. From all the money he won. Rob g sorta tickets. I'm not loving it. I'm not just telling you a fish story. Yes it was a good night. It's been a good couple of days in the department but all is well on this trash talk in tuesday. Can't let me let me ask you this route because your numbers you've sent me assuming that's typically what you bet you know they're not you know your venue responsibly. Yeah right right your family in a wife. Oh maybe i would ask. Ag numbers for you. So what do you get out of it. You know what i mean. It's just the thrill of the thrill of of the just to be only like what it's like being a part of it like you. Just get a p. It's called like a piece of the action even when i play the lottery. Like the big lotto's or whatever or mega millions or the daily three. It's just like being pc action. It's just a buck or a couple of dollars but you know at seven. Oh five when the radio shows over. I'd take a look and see if my number came out you know what i mean. It's just like a little piece of the action. It's not like you say life changing. It's not gonna be acting like that you lose not gonna kill you kill you. If you might be like awesome cool. Yeah and we'll get a gucci slippers. Now we're all done on what it is like the football to shekels at what did i say to you chris. We have so much information is crazy for us not to put a couple of shekels on an obviously you're not a gambler but then my case you know what i mean. It's just a little entertainment. That's all all right. Hey you go well we got from salon former. Nfl office of lineman's and fox sports radio weekend hosts joining us this week. He's going to be a rod because we love e from. And i think he's a does a great job broadcast and he had so. He had question marks about aaron rodgers last week when he was on so upset in that locker room. Yeah so i want to hear what he has to say. Now more on yes about aaron rodgers after. He made a stink over a bad day at the office. Which wound up being. But eddie well we will get. We will get to air rogers for sure. We got the crew in the house. Dj alex tyson on the ones and twos super producer. Rob is back from his day off. Said he was sick. Not sure but he's back. Whatever david gascon the second or the updates rob you mentioned it. Air rogers are predicted to eighty six yards three touchdowns no picks he goes out two hundred and fifty five yards on twenty two or twenty seven passing four touchdowns no picks thirty five seventeen win over. Detroit here's what i feel rob. Didn't nothing happened yesterday. Certainly in the second half surprise me. I was a little surprised in the first half down. Seventeen fourteen at half to detroit. But we dude nash. Roy do you remember. We said some bad team. We come come out early. You know what. I'm gonna stick in the game. And then they fall back. You can hang for two quarters. Yeah but that's about it. We saw the same thing with detroit with san francisco. They look pretty good for a little while and then they got blown our right. So rogers was great. He took what they gave him in the first half they went covered to. They dared him to run the ball and stick to the short stuff and he did. He was smart and in the second half. He unloaded couple. Great deep passes one the divide on the money. You couldn't throw it any better. And he was guarded. Well like places where it was nowhere else. You could throw that ball from to make that play. Yup that's one of those. You just look and you say my god. How did he throw that. It was it was a tremendous pass and reminded you these roger but he said after the game right he. He did not look. He went after the trolls. Here's what he said. He said he thinks lommel. I think people like to say and it's nice to come back in here after a game like that even more now than when i started playing. There's so many overreactions had happened from a week to week basis. So it's nice to to come out and have a good performance and get the trolls off our back for at least a week. That was directed at from salaam became responded. Coming up on the couple just didn't say if you add the name one guy i would name jer. Michael finley no ger- michael finley. Who him because he really. They saw brooks. He really did say though like jer. Michael again rob and we. We talked about this last week unless he was talking to packers players right unless he was talking to packers coaches or executives or whatever he went out there and said he doesn't see the same fire. He's not worried. i don't see the same work ethic. How would he know he's playing in green bay anymore. And so that fits. The description of roger saying the b. s. by. Everybody gave their opinion. They gave their view but nobody went like oh. He doesn't work hard anymore and he said he said i do too helmet. I can see what. I see what you're on your couch in your living room. What did you see. 'cause you know what you need windex on that. Telephone that seventy two win screen. Whatever you're watching and aaron rodgers again chris. I called it a bed day at the office. I pointed out that he had stinkers clunkers every year. The last three or four years. We has a bad game. He had a bad game last year in tampa bay up ten. Nothing through a couple of bad picks that got steamrolled and he's still went out and won the mvp remember. He was behind russell. Wilson was ahead of them. Dak prescott was ahead of them. Chris there were other wouldn't go with back but well he had big losing remember. They live at big numbers i can. Who else was there. Was somebody else who was ahead of them. I mean awesome. Was the front runner early mojo. Yeah he goes. To god's moorhead definitely early on any storm back and he had to chip on his shoulder and i. There's no reason for me to believe that. Aaron rogers. Hello is this on. Are you recording this. Aaron rodgers can win the mvp again. Once again i saw with my old to is last night. It's not overreaction. Stop prisoner of the moment. He called up the lions like they were thanksgiving dinner. Yes did you see this leg of the risks. My goodness the lies in know what hit them. In the second half aaron rodgers for president did rogers and the aaron rodgers. the packers messiah loose for one more year chris.

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