A highlight from In the Rear-View Mirror


I've only ever owned one car. She was my first grownup purchase. After graduation it became quickly evident. That the scooter. I'd used zip around campus. Wasn't going to cut it on the streets of seattle. My dad helped me find her on e. bay. She was a used. Two thousand two hyundai santa fe with skin peppered and dense. She'd previously been involved in a rollover situation but her guts were unharmed while her previous owner wasn't thrilled at the thought of hanging onto an imperfect vehicle. I was poor and open to the idea. She costs seven thousand dollars. It was a fortune. Then let's be honest also now but she seemed worth it as she was sturdy. Safe and even trendy. If you squinted your eyes and allowed for creative liberties. I was bigger than still swollen with the possibilities of the lives. I might lead a wealthy novelist a stylish professor or quirky artist a journalist and actor or maybe a movie director but most of all a dancer. Fuck i wanted to be a dancer so badly in made my stomach hurt if i reflected on it too long as i couldn't possibly want something that much and not get it. I was certain everything would work out. I drove the santa fe. Too many exotic locations my retail jobs. My performing jobs might teaching jobs. My dance students thought she was cool. And everyone knows high-schoolers get to decide these things. I started a dance company. I piled costumes props and dancers into the santa fe and drove them to every show. I could book. my friends. were beginning to quit dance. Giving up the old dream for husbands and office jobs. I decided to be better than that. I was going to dance forever. I was probably going to drive the santa fe forever because there was no way i'd ever afford another car on what i was making foreshadowing. I hold onto

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