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A claim state farm is where it's at so when you want the real deal like a good neighbour state farm is there. Oh my guy you guys are added. Frigging elvis duran in the morning. Show to the horoscopes with producer. Sam paper it was just saying my baby. It is so humid in the city. All the paper is curling. This room is like gross. It's like sitting in the mouth of a doll right. You do not need lotion to come in. You just get loved sitting here. Don't do your hair. It's nine awards. Mother nature. We'll do your hair today. Yeah being in the city. It was great at three o'clock this morning. I was to snooze a away. I guess in and out in the middle of the caverns of the city. I hear echoing god guy. He's the guy the guy we've a guy that walks down our street downtown manhattan every night. Right around three o'clock he just wants to make sure you're up for the show like an alarm clock brewster. Three straight nate. Thanks for coming in picking me up with there. I think well you didn't pick me up at my new jersey part by his apartment. Why didn't you say so. Be careful over. One guy that goes. I wouldn't park over there then. You won't have a car left like the abominable snowman moved to new york city. The sasquatch is walking around so anyway you look nice today. You look great. That's a great outfit. i liked. That is a neat looking. He did you notice on me I was gonna say something to nate. I'll okay. I'm gonna leave my door open. Polka extra button unbuttoned. I don't care anymore. I don't care anymore. Undo years elvis cleavage name. What's giving you overcome an today. So i wore my nicest shirt. This is the nicest algiers. Hey scary. I'm gonna leave my door open door. Hey froggy what are you wearing today. Just the white t shirt me dove. Okay you're leaving your door over forever. But i don't feel special anybody very far to keep in mind. My doors been open for many aright producer. Sam let's get into the horoscopes today. About danielle yeah. The doors locked wasn't coming in closed up birthday today. Carlos santana pops moke Would have been birthday today. Pops up smoke campo. Thank you capra. Corn your support and understanding towards others others. Battles will make you a trusted era too many. Oh your tasted aquarius. Double check whom. You're doing a favor for your data seven. He pays easby acutely aware of your surrounding your days innate areas. Don't let your mind stop you from creating positive outcomes too difficult solutions your desire. Taurus think about what you want and make it your mission to achieve it. Your date is a non gemin-. I remember that what you see is not always what you get your date. Hey cancer work hard and plan ahead to get the exact result. You crave your days at ten leo. Be aware of the people that surround. You don't pray too hard on their shortcomings as the nine virgo. Stand up for yourself. Don't let others take advantage of your kindness. Your day isn't eve libra. Don't let your self doubt bring you into a negative head space. Your diese seven scorpio. Try to move Try to be more aware of. Who is that. you turn to for advice. Your day is the nine yup. What try to be more aware at who you turn to for advice. Your date is in scorpio areas. Don't let people's high expectations of you set them up for a letdown. Don't rise to the occasion your days a nine and those are the scope. Thank you guys remember when they were I don't know if you remember the story that way. Back when when they were filming. Titanic yeah someone spikes like the lunch chowder with pcp and it got like the cast and crew all high including including james cameron. It's crazy. Hey nate wants to my coffee. Pcp sounds like a lot of fun anyway. Do we have anyone on the show with us today. No tomorrow and the day after though we will. Okay I want to do something fun like breakfast. You what i brought in today right here across the cash. Making it rain breakfast on buying right. Let's say that to this room. They'll spend ten thousand dollars on breakfast. Bob mosquitoes not allowed to order all right. So let's get that. And what did you just did. You use the lord's name in vain. They said damn you heard the words. We must take a break. And god knows what's gonna happen next. What's up guys justin bieber. What's up this is patrick. Perform lavar with elvis duran and the morning show. Who's a true justin. Bieber's having a baby rumored. And i think it's a dog not real. Okay all right pay. You need to clean your cookies. This is very very important to you know every time you go to website. A new website is says. Hey do you accept our cookies and you just give me. we're fine. You need to clear those out every once in a while. Not all cookies are bad. But if your computers running slow or you've accepted Third party or cookies from unencrypted website. Clearing them out could be beneficial. Because they're watching. 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Twenty five percent off do like we sign up for three sixty at norton. Three sixty no it at norton jordan dot com slash. Elvis thank you trevor. Show in the morning show really feels good to be back in the studio. All of us together at the same time brody drove in froggies right there on the screen him every day so now. We're the big debates about breakfast so andrew goes now. Does elvis like breakfast or does he want fried shrimp. Oh i think those are. It's the same thing. Yeah absolutely. I hop let me have this one for a minute in the village. Nervous around the corner from your old house. press the street from it's gone Christine good morning. Welcome to tuesday. What's going on with you christine. Good morning how are you guys

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