What Lurks Beneath: The Legend of the Loch Ness Monster


The modern day fascination with old nasty started in nineteen thirty three when aldy mckay and her husband were driving along loch ness and we all know that lock is scottish for lake right so they were driving along the loc when less than a mile out in the water. Algae mckay reported seeing a tremendous upheaval on the lock which previously had been a calm as a proverbial mill pond. That was my scottish accent. Mckay said she saw what she thought looked like the body of some huge creature resembling awale rolling and diving churning the water into a bubbling foam. The creature was large enough that when it took its final dive under the water sent out huge waves. Mckay and her husband stayed on the road for half an hour waiting to see if they would spot whatever it was again. But in that time it never resurfaced the only paper that ran a story about the mckay. Strange encounter was the inverness. Corier other than that. No one seemed very interested less than three months later married. Couple mr and mrs spicer. We're driving south along loch mess. When they claim to see a huge prehistoric creature. Cross the road in front of them headed toward the lake according to an interview. The spicer's gave to rupert gould. Who wrote the first book about the loch ness monster. The creature had a long neck and a low thick body about four or five feet high. Mr spicer said he couldn't see legs or tail but he did see something flopping up and down which he later thought was a tail curled around toward the front of the animal. The couple said they couldn't tell if they're creature entered the water because their view was obstructed. And they couldn't hear anything over the sound of their engine. The author gould however claimed to have been watching the lake the same day. The spicer's say they witnessed this thing cross the road and he confirmed that the water was particularly choppy and noisy at roughly location. The spicer's claim they saw the animal. Gould went into the interview skeptical but based on their description and a drawing. Mr spicer made he came out. Short that the spicer's were telling the truth and had in fact seen the loch ness monster.

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